Saturday, August 4, 2012

Momma Jo Blooms and my heart smiles

So this morning I was headed out to work my day job and hubby of course is off on the weekend and was on the porch to give me a peck and see me off...and I looked down and said "Oh no...I wanted to get a pic of Jo's flowers before they went bust"...because the blooms in this 100+ degree weather are getting a bit droopy....
My mom-in-law....Momma Jo gave me about 20 bulbs probably 6-7 years ago....I don't even know what these flowers are called..she wasn't particularly  proud of them..just said they grew like heck...and gave me a bunch of bulbs....
Momma Jo was a rose lover..she had tons of bushes and her "Elizabeth Taylors" were her real pride and joy.....when hubby and I drove by the old house a few weeks ago and I saw that they had cut down her beloved rose brought a few tears to my eyes...but goes on...These are the pics I took this morning of the blooms after they have been in the heat for a couple of weeks..I think they are still surviving quite well..even though I did not capture them in their first blooming  Glory :)

Ever since she gave me these bulbs I have done nothing except for the fact that I first planted them in the ground and give them water and every summer at least 4 or 5 of them in different locations continue to year to the next different bulbs will sprout up and it makes me smile every time I see them.
Thanks Momma Jo
RIP...and by the way..I think Elizabeth T would love these flowers :)

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