Friday, August 31, 2012

My opinion once again RE "stealing" vs "sharing"

It has been brought to my attention LOL!
yes once again that someone STILL keeps going on and on accusing SOMEONE of "stealing" her picture.
Once again....this is my way of thinking...
if someone posts their real pictures of themselves on the internet and other people then "share" those pictures....
I myself do not classify this as "stealing"  something but rather "re-sharing" something that has already been shared.
In my book..stealing is taking something from another in order to copy or make a profit from the said item.  And in this particular case..sharing a real pic of this particular person is in no way shape or form gonna make anyone a profit here...
My suggestion once again to anyone who posts pictures on line....if you do not want them shared on the internet....don't post them.  Very simple.
the term stealing would to me come into effect if someone chose to "steal" your identity....but in this case I am quite confident that this particular person has no worries whatsoever that someone else would choose to steal their real images and pretend to be them.

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