Friday, August 17, 2012

The Wishy Washy Chronicles yesterday I made my little "kooky kitschy green gal" as a way to ----let off steam ----step back ----and take a laugh at my most recent situation with my "favorite" admirer.  I mean, there's really only so much you can take before you just get fed up with certain things.  And I really don't know if it is because I am getting older or the steroids or a combination of the 2.....I just seem to have a much lower tolerance for bull crap these days.  Bottom line.
     So "Marie" (real first name starts with an "M" imagine that yuk-yuk)....... anyhoo....I have talked about this before and I know it's starting to sound like a broken record yada yada yada bada bing bang ...but the fact of the matter is it all started when I became the featured seller on a venue and then she for some unknown reason went on her blog badmouthing me and the venue and had her knickers all bunched up in one hot pantie mess because they wouldn't listen to her disdain regarding lil ole me.  She fails to point out when she is ranting about me that in fact....she is the one who started this whole thing.  And why? I guess you'd have to ask her about that one.
    And it has become this deal where she says things and I respond to them.  She still can't wrap her head around that concept.  Very simply
    A)------She says or does something about me
    B)------I respond to what she does.
     It's not rocket science.
     So the pettiness got to the point where I put her on "ignore" because....on the one just isn't worth even caring what she at that point I stopped checking to see if she was still saying stuff about me.  It's like I don't care about her, I don't like her character, and why I should care about what she is doing I stay away from her pages but I do however  have a couple of peeps  who let me know when there is something she has done or said concerning me that they think I should know about.
    This leads us to the other night when someone tells me that she has "highlighted" my feedback and was using it in her "farewell" speech on her business page .  And why would she do that one might ask??????
    A)------Playing games.
    B)-----Pushing buttons.
    C)-----All of the above.
Hmnnn... I'll go with "C" on that one :)    So am I going to let her use my feedback to promote her product after all of the things that have gone on between us? Of course not. So I go and modify my feedback and say something to the effect of "Marie what a better place the world would be if you'd only put your pot stirring stick away for one day hee-hee".
     So then what happens????... 911-knicker knot alert........
She goes on her business page and puts this entire rant about me my name my shop name yada yada....and in my world that is some pretty gosh dern malicious behavior coming from the official pot kettle caller herself.  The way I see it is this.
     When I come to my blog or my twitter and say things regarding something she has said about me...those are my spaces where my friends and people hang out...not hers. And we all have screen shot capabilities.  I have said it before there is such a thing as a time line where the things I have said are reactions to what she has first said or done.  And the thing is that to me it has nothing to do about business. I think that her and I have completely different audiences.  Even though a few of the things that we make are similar items....we are in no way in competition with one another. So I can't understand why she keeps obsessing about me.  I just don't get it.
     To me the funniest part about her recent rant about me was when she said
 "It's amazing she has ANY time to maintain and promote her multiple shops AND work her day job, all the while spending so much time selflessly promoting others who have caught her eye."
One would think that if "Marie" spent less time obsessing about what I am doing on my own pages that she would have more time to spread all of that "positivity" she talks about :)
It's very simple Marie...let me break it down for you here
     A)----If you don't like my blog or twitter or other places....stay off of them.
     B)----If you don't like me saying anything about you then stop pushing buttons, stirring the pot     and saying things about me.
      Once again.....It's not rocket science.
      I also would have to think that if she could just clearly step back away from the situation for a bit...she might begin to realize how stupid it looks for her to be ranting about me on her business page.....(her being a business person and all)...but it only goes to further prove my point....that she is the one who can't let this go.   And I have to admit...even though I think I am pretty dog gone special Marie......I'm just a little ole country bumpkin here in Bako.   There really are bigger fish to fry out there.  I just think you would be so much happier if you would just get over me.
     Until then...I will try to just keep you on ignore....and yes old gal..even though you are still at the top of my list of wishy washy still have quite a knack at pushing buttons. I've gotta give you that. (Maybe you were an elevator operator in a former life)  Going up? heh-heh.


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