Monday, August 27, 2012

Uneeda Unicycle

My friend Judy posted a great album awhile back on Face Book of her sweet daughter Kelly and her group of unicycling friends.  Of course you can't pin directly from Face would assume that is because they don't have common share holders or perhaps because some interpret their terms of use state something about them owning the pics  :)  
Anywho....I wanted to add this pic to one of my pin boards and sharing it here on the blog at the same time is a great way to do that :)  
I was always a pretty dog gone good athlete....but I seriously had training wheels on my bicycle when I was a kid for waaaaaaayyyyy tooooooo looooooong heh-heh.  It took me a while to acquire a balancing act....and yep..some days I'm still learning LOL!  But unicyclists are quite impressive don't ya think? I sure do :)  Here's Kelly Younquest and her friends making it look amazingly easy :)

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