Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Honey Hoe Hoooh-hah :)

Okie dokie old news rehashed again here.....
skip this one if you are allergic to drama hee-hee.
this is what I find quite wishy washy.........yet again you say??? Imagine that hee-haw. :)
So the one in question has actually stated that it is not her but her lawyers who are visiting my page over and over and over.  And yet..the little message she sent me (Even though I have specifically asked her NOT to contact me anymore....)anyways.....she said to remove her picture immediately or her lawyers would be sending me a letter.  No I'm not some copy right expert or novice even.  One like me would just assume that if someone posts something in the public domain that it would naturally have a tendancy to be shared among people...and I will say this...I have read some stories where it is considered to be a bit of a grey area when you post pics on FaceBook....some would even argue that according to their TOU's  that Facebook actually owns the images posted there.  So like I I am not a copyright familiar person but in my mind I have to think that copyright laws were actually intended so that people wouldn't "copy" other peoples creations.  And posting a real photo of someone that was out there in the public domain...(and it is an older picture of someone who has a habit of posting photos and fibbing and saying that they are the real her) not exactly trying to copy something of hers.   So yes...I guess that my ideas of copyright and hers might be a bit different how in the world are sights like "Pinterest" continuing to grow so much and become so popular in this world of "sharing" ?  I would think it is because most people are rather pleased to have their items shared and admired :)  But hey...that's just lil ole dumbo not copyright schooled me Sylvster. :)
So back to your ranting and raving about me on your business page.....from the stats I saw.... goodness gracious.... there has not been one person from your rant on your Z business page who has clicked from your page and landed here....
but I do specifically remember your little snide remark that the venue had Zero traffic.  And yes it does seem quite evident that your little rant has indeed led to Zero traffic from your page to mine :)
But wow....remember when we first had our little e-mails and messages to one another?  Gee Sylvster.....for some strange reason the person from that particular link just keeps coming here again and again and again.
It seriously as I stated earlier seems to have become quite obsessive Sylvster.....and like I said....perhaps if you'll simply reach down and give tham thar wadded up knickers a much needed'll suddenly get a bigger air supply to your brain.....and will some day realize how silly you are making yourself look to keep spending so much time worrying about what I am doing.  Go away Sylvster......just get on down the road....and I am sure you will be a much calmer person instead of looking like some raging bull.
And yes...I really do believe what I am saying and it is indeed me who thinks that you old gal...are the one who needs a reality check.  I think the first step in the positive direction would be for you to get the heck out of my world....(and blog) ....... and just find something more positive to obsess about.  Rage does not become you my doesn't look that good on you .......but you and only you have the tools to fix it.  Sorry...I can't fix it for you....I have already offered all of the solutions that I can think of. :) 
Once again....I am seriously not worth all of the time you have been spending on me.....get over me Sylvster....just get over me and move on out of here.  Pretty puh-leeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee with sugar on like sugar don't you? 
updated 08/27/12.......................................
Whoo hooooooooo breathing a somewhat "timid sigh of relief".......she removed all the caaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrppppp and even tho she says she made her point.......she states that she is not going to say anymore......................................................
oh happy day!   This would really be great......seriously wonderful news if that is indeed her true intentions.
Has she really moved on???????????????????????????? Will she really leave me alone??????????????
Only time will tell.  But I have my fingers crossed that she stays in this mind-set and will get outie laters from me :)
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood...... and I seriously hope it stays that way :)
Thanks Sylvsters for coming to your business senses....a serious thank you for finally realizing that :)

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