Thursday, August 9, 2012

Le Chicken Finger Lickin Recycled Kitchen Cart with help from Col Sanders and The Graphics Fairy

This is another piece that my nephew Larry bought at a storage auction and I had time today in between all of my other projects to work on it.

The kitchen cart had several cracks and a lot of them I left as they were....(because I wanted to LOL !).  I did fill some of them in with caulk.  And then I used a pretty easy painting method.  You simply take a darker color and spread it on the piece.  Let it dry and rub out some places if you want the original wood to show through.   Then I took a rag and "washed" over the surface with a lighter color paint...leaving some places darker than others.  You really can't make mistakes just rub away until it looks good to you :)
I started on the top of the piece with another wonderful graphic from "The Graphic Fairy's" image of some old chickens.   I used the decoupage method of putting on some mod-podge... burnishing the image and then peeling the paper away.
Then I remembered a vintage image I had saved quite some time ago of Colonel Sanders and a gal eating a piece of his  finger licking chicken.
So I copied that onto tissue paper and decoupaged that onto the surface and then stamped some silver ink on top.
I then printed out the phrases in "Word Pad" that I placed on top and added them with decoupage after "burning" the edges.
Next I sponged on a few hearts after drawing them with a pencil and then filling them in.
Then I painted on a design on top of that by using a piece of vintage lace.  You just apply paint to the lace  and press it on where you want it to go :)
After that I attached some vintage buttons and poured on a bit of resin.  Then some polyurethane and some clear coat to the entire piece. And here is the new old "Le Chicken Cart".....


  1. What a cute, cute cart!!! Hopped over from Brag Monday. "Liked" your FB page. Would love to have you stop be for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy @

    1. Thanks so much Judy :) Am off to find your page :)