Saturday, June 29, 2013

Anyone can be meaner than someone else if they work at it and try to be :)

So a couple of days ago someone starts this train wreck thread in the Etsy Forums saying something like "Regretsy should be shut down".  And she was saying some strange stuff about the threats they were supposedly making to her ....and I was like "Wow.....has it gotten that bad?"

Regretsy has made me laugh so many times...I fell in love with the site the first time I ever entered.  I used to go there 2- 3 times a week...mostly lurking....I commented in the forums a few times...but was never part of any crowd that frequently hangs out there.  I have some friends there and I have some frenemies there and I don't know a lot of the other people there.
 For me...visiting Regretsy 2-3 times a week eventually turned into once a week and then once a month towards the end....there just didn't seem to be a whole lot going on and then one day I looked and saw that April had shut the site down. having been one who drove a train wreck thread on Etsy.....I simply had to go and see what this gal was talking about over there on the dark side.  When I went to the forums it had been so long since I signed in that I forgot the name I used the last time I signed in there.  And it turned out that someone must be sprinkling some crack in the gals Cheerios...cuz there wasn't any type of threats going on in that thread about her.  Some really funny stuff tho and I ended up having a weird dream about a handy clown. :)

And that's the deal I guess.  Humor always seems to be at the expense of someone else.  You're making fun of someone or something...and sometimes it's lighthearted and sometimes it's just down right mean.  And certainly it is hurtful to the one being talked about regardless of whether they are thick skinned or sensitive. 

So when I was over there I started reading some of the "reseller" threads...and hey!  There I was in one of them.  I remembered this gal Andrea who had some sort of a boner against me and kind of evident in the thread she started.  Back when my train wreck thread happened.. for a couple of weeks I was going back and forth with some of the people who had said things about me and then it finally just got old.  The only thing you end up proving is that yah anyone can say mean things about someone.

So last night I was like..."Okay's a free said what you thought about me and here's what I think about you". And I posted and  did it prove anything or make me feel better?  Nope of course not.  Will she maybe think twice before saying mean crap about someone she doesn't even know?  Maybe. I took the post down pretty much because there wasn't any point to make.  Someone named "potato" or tater spuds or something like that came over from the Regretsy forums and said something like..."You haven't been a only came to the forums 2 days ago"  or something like that....and there again....proof that anyone can say whatever they want but it doesn't make it a fact.  Fact is that no one really knows what anyone is doing all of the time.  Fact is that someone could sign in under 3 or 4 different "names" in that forum and other forums and talk back and forth to themselves in the same thread.   

Bottom line....I know how much fun it is to poke fun at other things.  I also know what it feels like to be in a train wreck thread where you are the one steering the damn thing crashing into the boonies.  You get caught up in the heat of the moment and say stupid things.  Sometimes people misinterpret what you are trying to say and sometimes you can just be dead wrong about what you are saying.   Fact is we all make mistakes.  Fact is we all get our feelings hurt at one point or another.  And the fact is that the Regretsy forums are still pretty dad-gum entertaining.  If there is something there that someone wrote about me and I don't like it..... I don't have to read it right?   No one is forcing me to "click on it" right?  And I don't have to be all "Bischhhh you said that about me...well here's what I think about you".   right????

Heck I could be doing much more positive productive things like making more crap that someone might buy and if not....someone might get it for Christmas hee-hee.  After spending 2 years going back and forth with a certain gal who stalks my blog...she says something...I say something back kind of thing.....and finally....I was able to do a pretty good job of keeping her on ignore LOL!  I should have probably already learned a lesson that at the end of the don't really win when you answer to what someone else is saying.  All it does is validate that you might care what they are saying. And I don't know this Andrea chick and don't really know why she picked a boner with me.....but at the end of the day...why should I care what she thinks and why should she care what I think when we don't even know each other and will never be friends? 

As long as I am able to get my arse out of bed each morning and keep driving my train....and manage to keep it on track most days.....then I'm doing pretty good. :)  In my world at least...and speaking of my world.....damn it's hot today.  I need to go find a block of ice to shove down my bra or something.

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