Thursday, June 20, 2013

Recycled stools bottle caps and vintage buttons

Several years ago I saw a "coffee table" that was made from a couple of barstools and old buttons and bottle caps.   I knew when I saw it that day... that in the future...I had to make something sort of like it :)
I bought these old rickety stools at the Pasadena Swap meet.... they are the ones on top of the stack :)

 Today I mixed up some  home made chalk paint and then added some old buttons and bottle caps to the top.....(for the pics I used a few small pieces of glass that I have at home just to give you the idea of what the finished piece looks like)...but when I take it to the furniture store....I have a big piece of glass that will be placed on top and the stools can be spread out more under the glass....I'm thinking maybe old coins and many many other possibilities could be used on this recycle project :)
I love old buttons and what better kitschy way to spread a little button luv than this?

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