Monday, June 24, 2013

Momma's little Blankie still keeps rockin' those babies :)

My momma always crocheted blankets and blankies for everyone, and needless to say I can't remember ever going to bed at night being cold. In my minds' eye I will never forget my son Kevin when he would lay down and drink his bottle and he would run his fingers all over and through the holes in his "blankies" and he was kind of like Linus I guess because he loved my momma's blankies and man...he was so happy and content with that bottle and one of her blankies :)
I remember taking his bottle away pretty early and he just seemed so unhappy at bed and nap time.  And he wasn't crying or throwing fits but after about 4 days I told my Mom "To Hell with it...they are only little kids once....why not let him enjoy something awhile longer?? is tough enough when you get older.....I'm gonna give him back his little slice of heaven for awhile...."  And yep....I had a 2 year old who drank a bottle until he was about 2 1/2...but he didn't run around with a binkie in his mouth....he had a bottle at nap and bedtime....and then Kevin himself put his little bottles in the trash and he said that "the momma birds were going to come and get them for all of the little baby birds in the world who were hungry"....yep this kid wanted me to read to him and tell him stories all of the time and he developed a pretty good imagination at a very young age.  And he didn't end up buck tooth over his bottle drinking love thang LOL!
Here's a pic of him back then drinking his bottle and rubbing on one of those blankies....and sportin' his cowboy boots because back then.....his heroes always wore cowboy boots:)

Momma used end pieces of her yarn to make him those mini blankies...and Kevin used them for his stuffed animals and super heroes and capes and you name it....they all got put to good use. And gosh! I just realized that he is on one of the little "mini sofas" that dad and I made back in the day when we were manufacturing sofas and love seats :)
So A few days ago hubby and I were going through some things in the garage and I found this little blankie that Mom had made for Kevin and what better person to give it to than the Grandbaby Chloe?
They came over for a little barbeque this eve and I told Chloe  "Hey I found a little blankie that Kevin's Grandma made for him would you like to see it ? "  And she grabs my hand and said "Yes!"  We went and got it and also pulled out a couple of old dolls that I have in a box for some altered art projects..(they close their eyes when they lay down) Chloe puts them under the blankie and tells me "SHSSSSHHHHH!" and instructs me to turn out the lights :)  
(We had to keep Brownie back though....that little buggar grabs stuffed animals and dolls...and when I am making sock monkeys....he jumps up while I am sewing to try and nab the tails....)
here is a pic of my Chloe girl puttin her babies to rest....
 I also got a huge kick tonight out of Chloe measuring things.   My Buddy Barb from AllAboutTheButtons on Zibbet has these awesome tape measures and I have purchased several of them.  Tonight Chloe grabbed this one and kept saying she had to "measure" and she said it was her "tape" so of course I sent it home with her LOL!  I kept asking big is it?   And she kept saying "It's 3.....I'm 2 but it's 3"   and I tell just doesn't get much better than this!
 Here is the tape measure that Chloe fell in love with and took home tonight :)
and here is the link to Barbs' shop

Hope ya'll had a Super Sunday!

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  1. Awww, what a great post. So happy to be part of your family! ♥