Thursday, June 6, 2013

My thoughts on the new Etsy Forums

Here is my post today on the "new" Etsy forums...and all being said and done....I have had convos in the past  from peeps who have read certain threads that I myself have posted to...they basically sometimes say "Kuddos and thanks for not being afraid to say that"...and they then mention that they only lurk in the forums and some have never posted there or haven't posted there in the past 3 years-----
this is what I posted this eve... (as far as my opinion of redefining the forum rules....)
Adding my 2 cents :)
I am happy to see the continued attempts at making the forums more user friendly and the "updated" clarifications of the dos and don'ts. I would love to see more people participating in the forums again instead of simply lurking. But I also would say that it is still a bit unclear to me as to what might constitute "insulting" another member. What I have always liked about the forums is meeting interesting people here....and for me that might typically be someone who does not agree with my opinion and could be sitting on the other side of the fence...but if I find their posts interesting...I have often clicked on their shops and sometimes even ended up buying something from them and have actually became friends with some people that I first met here in the forums and "disagreed" with . On the other hand some people might find everyone who disagrees with their opinions to be "insulting" and will only see what they want to see. So I am not sure where the line at "insulting" someone could be drawn at because this is such a diversified community. I would like for the forums to be a place where people are not afraid to speak their minds and say what they really think....but at the same time try to be as respectful to one another as possible. There is so much good information here...(and I will also say that a few of the posters that I can recall who have been perma muted...also gave me some of the biggest laughs that I have ever had here in the forums.) And I actually miss some of them being here. I do not envy the mods and the job that they have to do here....but I would like to think that in this huge artistic community that the forums could be as interesting as the creations being offered for sale on the venue....and that people would not be afraid to say what they really think. In an attempt to make the sight more user friendly....the ones who post here most of the time might now be afraid to post as much? One of the smaller venues that I sell on has a rule in the forums where you respectfully agree to disagree....and the rule really isn't that hard to follow. But the thing is sometimes you just might not know if you are "offending" someone by what you have said until they let you know what might have offended them. Thanks for your effort in this Etsy...I am looking forward to some positive changes :)

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