Saturday, June 29, 2013

CF4L sniffin foo

lurkin and sniffin  tail waggin foo.......

So when I got this tote some people were giving it some not so great reviews.... I had to go in and add a 5 star review :)


"CF4L LOVE Lub Luv Toten taller now 4L"

Reviewed by rhonda hood morrell 7/11/2012
Product Quality: Excellent
Print Quality: Excellent
Recommended: Yes
Recommended for: Myself
Shipped on time: Yes
About the product:
I was amaaaazzzzzeeed balzzzzzzz at the quality and durability of this fabulous item........I was clustered and flustered all at the same time... seriously ranks on my top ten list (right behind best orgasm ever) .....the great price..the great product.....I immediately wanted to stuff it full of wonderful things and just carry it around and never let go of it! CF4L got that right! You see me with this see how I roll and how I tote with a taller stride in my step now that I have this tote to tote????? Hollah! I want one in every color.
About the print:
C above 4L C above 4L C above 4L CF4L

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