Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Little succulent Sity a.k.a. City

Here's a few more pics of the succulents out in the yard. This little metal stand is one of the things I got at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet...I remember my Mamaw having a cart kind of like this I knew I had to have it hee-hee!
I also got this old toolbox at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet  and I knew I was going to plant something in it but this was before I bought all of the succulents :)
Here's an old swan planter that I stuck on the porch
This old juice pitcher probably should have gone back into the cupboard but I figured I liked it so much why not also have it one display with a few plants in it instead of only taking it out every now and then?
And here are a couple more pics....the two black "planters" are the top and bottom of an old roasting pan
 I filled up a few bird houses with some small succulents....the wasps always tend to build their dadgum nests in these type of I bet they won't be gettin' jiggy with it any time soon  in these :)

I hope this has inspired some of ya'll to think outside of the planter.....if you love gardening....why not consider planting something into other things you love that are simply tucked away and you don't look at them very often?  Succulent city-ville kind of deal :)
Hope ya'll are having a great week!

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