Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Container Succulents I recently planted

So I talked a bit about the great deal on succulents that I scored at the Pasadena Swap Meet recently and have finally finished planting them all. (Can I get a Whoo hooo green thumb got er done hollah! ) I had several containers with succulents out in the garden already and ended up moving most of them to a little display area in the front of the yard to mix in with all of the new plantleengs :)   I'll get some pics of those tomorrow and post them.
The best thing about succulents is that they multiply quite easily and don't need a lot of care. To me the worst thing about them is that I tend to water and hubby tends to help me water and sometimes...we simply water these thangs waaaaaaay tooooo much.  Good thing is you can just dig one up and easily replace it with another one :)
I have been seeing a lot of the succulent container and terrarium pics on Pinterest...and I really love them!  Monday....I made a few for inside the house and also one to give away.....some of the pics are a bit blurry.....I didn't have the macro on in several of the pics but alas! I am too lazy to take more pics right now LOL!   I used containers that I had around the house and yes...I did empty buttons out of one of them....and actually sorted them by color into smaller containers.....
this is the one that had a bunch of old buttons in it before I decided that succulents would look pretty decent inside...... 

This is a smaller container that I sat on top of the fridge....
Also on top of the fridge is this one I made from a vintage tea cup stacked on top of an old silver candle stick holder
I was almost reluctant to use this vintage cobalt blue vase to plant something in....but decided that having it out and on display was much better than having it tucked away somewhere :)
Here are a couple more that I haven't actually placed anywhere yet :)

And last but not least :)...I found this little vintage baby bootie a couple of weeks ago (thanks to another hot tip from my C-sta in-law).... and thought it would be a perfect little gift for my Niece Heather.   She has her "baby reveal" next week (Whoo hooo exciting! hollah!) so we do not know yet if her baby is going to be a boy or a girl....but I figured that since it is blue with some pink trim.....that she would still enjoy boy or girl :)

Hope ya'll are having a great week! 

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  1. It's a boy Whoo Hooo.....can't wait to meet little Colby Scott <3