Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reclaimed pyramid chest

This old chest was missing a knob and had several cracks in the wood.  Today hubby went to town with the sander and filled in the cracks with caulk.....and then I got busy adding a bit of color to it :) I wadded up some tissue paper and wiped  on some Martha Stewart Living Metallic paint specialty finish to the top of all the colors....and then finished it off with a shot of clear spray paint.....and we'll  take it to the furniture store this week so someone can take this new old piece home with them :)

Hubby picked up that pea green paint (on the 2nd drawer) in the "mistake paints" section at Home Depot today.....I really like it.....I've decided that this is the color I am gonna paint that old dresser we got a couple of weeks ago when we went junkin' :)   Hope ya'll had a great day :)

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