Monday, June 3, 2013

Rescued desk in a pea green kinda way

So I posted the pic of the desk we brought home when we went junkin' a few weeks ago....the desk was pretty thrashed and the wood was peeling and in pretty bad shape...
yesterday when I painted the pyramid chest and used the pea green paint that hubby picked up at Home Depot...I knew that this was going to be the color I would use on this piece.  I made some home made chalk paint out of the pea green and also some navy blue paint....and after hubby sanded the heck out of it....we added some  left over molding from our kitchen redo to the bottom insides and outsides to sturdy it up a bit. 
So I've had this song stuck in my head for awhile and I figured Why not just decoupage it on top of the desk?I also decoupaged some antique sheet music from an old Etude magazine....and then stamped some metallic paint on top of the desk and the drawer fronts. When I was painting it....I also noticed that "July 1937" is stamped on the inside of the desk..
I like being able to bring new life to pieces that would otherwise be destroyed....

My dad dropped of Cookie and Muffin today...we are dog sitting again this summer ...8 dogs in the house....we Be BARKIN' hee-hee.  Hope ya'll have a wonderful week!

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