Thursday, July 10, 2014

Do I still have friends at Zibbet? Yes....imagine that for a second if you will LOL!

Some would find it rather ironic that I still have friends at Zibbet. I have been rather vocal after all :D The fact is that there are a lot of people out there who have many of the same thoughts and feelings that are being vocalized but they have remained silent because they do not want to have a possible negative effect to their on line shops.
I get that and I also respect that.
I guess I would have to say to some of the people there who think "Why don't they simply leave if they don't like it and stop peeing in our Cheerios?"  I find the answer is ----That many of the people vocalizing their discontent probably still have the feeling that they got their lunch pail crapped in and are trying to rid themselves of the baggage.  There are always 3 sides to every story and muting people in one place simply means they will take it somewhere else to talk about it. A lot of issues could have very well been squashed in "Chit chat"...but we know that didn't happen :D
Quite interesting when Zibbet chimed in on Twitter and said that they had picked up some haters along the way because they are such a successful business.  What they still fail to comprehend is that a huge group of those so called "haters" actually were once very fond of the venue and extremely supportive.
So my leetle cartoon postcard from the edge parody below....I actually thought twice before posting it on the blog.  Is the image in poor taste? Absolutely.  But that is the whole point of the matter. (For those of you who may have missed it). There is a group of people in those forums who obviously condone any and everything the CEO's do.  They obviously think it is perfectly okay for the Zibbet management to put up a cartoon and make fun of an entire group of people on their business black board.  So me putting up a cartoon on my blog board should not be any different than the actions they are condoning.  Although I would have to say that I poked fun at a very small group of handmaidens within that small Community Hub.  But the fine folks at Zibbet Management chose to poke fun at an entire race of Aborigine people.
Yep some would say "My baaad" but the overall bigger picture that some of ya'll in that Hub seem to conveniently overlook time and time again............................
the BAD actions and reactions of your CEO's there.
Now say what you want about Rob Kalin the founder of Etsy.... but the bottom line is that he managed to build up the venue from within his community. That's where it all started.
Zibbet on the other hand manages to collapse the site from within the community. They have attempted to build on a premise of false promises and deception and that does not make for a good foundation.  Then when they promote and condone the type of behavior from the "Hidey Holes" and the handmaidens running the forum....what of course has happened?  Their soap box is shrinking.
I saw a quote once that said something like "It’s nice to be the biggest fish around, and an easy way of doing this is to shrink the size of your pond. "
And it has been quite amusing to see as one person leaves the Community the next person step up to the Ram Rod plate and start getting bolder and pushier and bossier as the days go by.
But here's the thing that some of ya'll there should really be concentrating on.
The real problem with the Zibbet failure is not the people out here voicing discontent with their Zibbet experiences.
The huge problem is the SILENCE folks.
The lack of interest or support. In essence the very thing ya'll are gonna need if you ever expect for the venue to grow and be successful.
Click on all of the shops that are Empty, on vacation, or have simply been abandoned. There's your real problem Handmaidens.....nope it's not the one's you call "bad-humans and haters"'s the ones who simply don't care.
The huge amount of people who have been there done that and have simply filed "Zibbet" into their box of "Meh" and have moved on to never return.
You can promote until your little finger tips are blue and blistered but the fact is that seeing huge "bot" views from Twitter will hardly sprout into butt-loads of sales. The only way for the venue to ever be successful is for it to grow from within the community..... and at this point some of you ram rods (and Ram Rods in training) are still doing a great job at splitting what's left of that community completely apart.
Say I just realized that Thursday is
Bad Human Hug Hollah Day! hee-hee
Carry on

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  1. "Click on all of the shops that are Empty, on vacation, or have simply been abandoned. There's your real problem Handmaidens.....nope it's not the one's you call "bad-humans and haters"'s the ones who simply don't care."

    You nailed that on the head. Funny thing is that at one time there were so many of us that cared and really wanted Zibbet to succeed. Too bad the Ceo's felt so threatened by the experienced sellers that they pissed them off and pissed away their chance to make the venue something. After all, It is the sellers that make the venue successful. It is the sellers that make the CEO's money. So you would think you would want to keep them happy. The way they cycle through sellers for their premium account money makes you think it is all nothing but a scam.