Monday, July 7, 2014

#Zibbet Hacker labs PREDJUDISM #Aborigine FAIL and why some people of color have surely fled the venue

Okay....just my opinion
I think today  that
some old school built-in 
(possibly C-3 connection)
Handmaidens on the Zibbet venue will surely stick around until the end of days.
I get it kind of ....been there would have done that (if I never took the path where I connected the dots opened my eyes)
 and then didn't want to look any more. :=)
But I really think that I need to share what I feel about this.
I have spoken out a lot of my feelings but dayum cookie....
the feelings about "Political correctness and all"....
kind of just look and avert my eyes.
I said something about this on a post below and am now gonna talk about it.
Because I believe that the beliefs and "actions" of those you choose or somehow "Allow" to represent your business interests.. is important.
And keeping quiet about it is not the thing to do when I have been talking about the venue and what has been happening.
elephant in this room.............
Hacker labs board.......
Okay...these are the Zibbet Boyzzz in their element at work..and proud of their chalkboard drawings.
anyone else out there in the least bit concerned about the aborigine at the bottom of the screen either shooting a golf ball out of his mouth or being the "target" hole or tee?
I get it that people here in America have not much of a clue about Aborigines but come on Hacker Labs/Zibbet?Jonathan Peacock
To me...this is the same type of racial prejudice that happens to all people of color here in America. Are ya'll there down under at Hacker Labs with that Ball sucking Aborigine showing as  the bottom feeder at the bottom of your little so called "Cool" Hacker Lab Zibbet Chalk  Idea Board....thinking this is soooooooo funny and so "Smart"?
word of advice...
here in America.... where by the way you have most of your Zibbeters....
we actually respect all people no matter what color/creed/ or race they are.
I was appalled to see you so called "Hip hustler/hacker?Zibbet CEO headquarter kind of peeps were advocating this kind of thing.
I saw where a few people have noticed how you really "feel" about things.
Sad to see that ya'll are indeed so narrow minded.
But here's a clue...
here in America....
we do not make fun of people of color.
Here's another clue
Zibbet/Hacker Labs....
get that Aborigine at the bottom of your "joke" food of your board....
if you ever want to have an iota of a chance at "Global" growth.
And by the way
Shame on you
for thinking you were so smart and funny 
just sayin'

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