Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer doins' Morning Glories and let's have a tea party

Took some pics a few days ago out in my little garden....
it is so dadgum hot here this time of year I am surprised that so many of them are still thriving. Note to self--- Imagine what a bit of water can do ? :=)

The 4th was pretty loud as usual.  This year Chloe was a bit frightened of the fire works and kept "ducking" when she would hear the big ones going off.

 Sister Lexie was however up close and "at one" with the display of noise and lights :=)

 Yesterday finished painting a few more pieces including this little end table.

After that we were off to the Antique Mall to take a few pieces and do a bit of tidying up.  Chloe is the best little helper and makes everything so much more fun :)

Hope ya'll are staying cool and having a great week so far!

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