Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#Zibbet would you just walk away if...........

Yep well known fact that many people out there who have tried Zibbet give up after awhile and either abandon their shops or just walk away.  I get that. If the site never touched you or if you never felt any type of connection at all...or if you knew the venue was something you in no way shape or form wanted your business or name to be associated with..... I can totally understand how someone could just pack it up and simply walk away.
If you had been publicly lied about on a forum where you could not defend yourself would you just keep quiet and walk away?
If one of the Ceo's had called you a "TROLL" in his hidey hole when you at the time were actually a bonafide Zibbet Cheerleader...would you just walk away?
If the CEO's lied and made statements about members that are absolutely untrue...would you just walk away?
If a certain beast who heads up the hidey hole was telling lies about things that supposedly really happened and people were believing this person....would you just walk away?
If this certain bandicoot of a beast was FINALLY banished from the HUB  basically because the CEO's were caught with their screen shot pants down---had EGG on their face for ignoring her behavior YES the Ceo's still SUPPORT her every BAD action ....would you just walk away?
If you knew this BEAST and Pastor Andy were having personal chats daily and anyone the BEAST was jealous of was somehow suspiciously getting banned and lied about in the Hidey holes....would you just walk away?
If you knew this big ole BANDICOOT of a BEASTMASTER was still calling the shots and coaching a group of the original "hideys"  from another Headquarter....would you just walk away?
If you knew that the CEO's were wrongly banning people from the HUB because someone was monitoring their social media comments....would you just walk away?
If you knew that some had been banned NOT for their SOCIAL media comments but instead....because they were associated with anyone the Bandicoot Beast and her cohort Pastor Andy did not like or was jealous of......
would you just walk away?
If you knew that certain people who had laughably grown some "Queen BEE britches" were calling people things like BAD HUMANS and equating them to MASS MURDERERS for things as simple as asking why a rebuild keeps getting delayed with more and more excuses for more than 4 years.....would you just walk away?
If you knew that the group of people behind this were still stalking others and making "threats" and trying to cover up their wrong doings...
would you just walk away?
If you knew that these people were still  using bullying tactics to harass any one who called out the truths of their wrong doings....would you just walk away?
If you had seen screen shots of very questionable behavior and knew that even worse ones still have yet to be shared about that behavior on Social Media....would you just walk away?
If you saw a horrendous caricature making fun of the Aborigine race on a blackboard that Zibbet headquarters places on You Tube and is apparently quite proud of....would you just walk away?
If you knew that the questions above were only a few of the "Would Yous?" would you just walk away?
I am hoping that the Zibbet sellers still left on Zibbet who have ever asked themselves.....why would some people not just quit and walk away and leave Zibbet alone?  Well you must be in the same place I was a couple of years ago....when I felt that same way....when I was oblivious to how Pastor Andy and some of his minions like to roll behind the scenes. There comes a day for everyone when they have eye opening moments....and believe you me....when I saw and witnessed the behavior that I have seen against people who CLEARLY in no way shape or form deserved to be treated the way that ZIBBET has treated them.....
well all I can say is I can understand why this is the reason that some have  not yet walked away in silence but have taken a stand to speak out about what has happened and to warn new people who might consider going there. 
I am not speaking out to hurt any of you good people that I met along my path in the Zibbet experience. I still speak out because I know of people who got hurt at Zibbet for no reason of their own doings.....and the directions and plans and actions to hurt them and cast a bad light upon them came from the top down. FACT.
SCREEN SHOTS and facts. Hard to believe at first but facts.
And if you are one who is suddenly upset because the rebuild hasn't happened yet...or if you are one who saw Pastor Andy's Homophobic tweets and decided the venue was something you simply did not want to be associated with....or if you are someone who simply got tired of all the time you have spent on the venue working ~listing~ promoting ~with few(or no sales)...... I totally get why you could just leave...take a so called higher road and simply move on.
But if you have not walked in the shoes of the ones out there who are not ready to move on and do find it in themselves to speak out and warn others about their own personal Zibbet Experience....
then you are not capable of judging what they have personally gone through..... all in the name of Zibbet Love.
And this is the thing.....
the venue that is known as Zibbet..... is not currently being seen out there anyways. That is why at this point when you google it.....that small group of what Zibbet calls " bad humans and haters " seem to currently hold a front page on Google. Zibbet is not known or a place that many people are seeking at this point. And when NEWBIES  do find it...the few people (out of the supposed 40,000 members) who have written about their negative experiences are showing up in the limelight. You would think that a venue who has been around this long would have done some sort of promotion or advertising or something so that whatever they have done up to this point would show up higher in the internet rankings.  But no... some random blog post about Zibbet will actually reach the top page of searches these days? Why?   Zibbet is so MEH to most people who have been there that it might some day just wind up as an adjective of MEH LOL!
I wish you people left in that hub still had the power to turn it around.
My opinion is that Andy and his side kick and her buddy have just about broken any chance of that ever happening.
Carry on sheeples
carry on.
But I must say at the end of this Rhonda ramble.....
when I view an injustice I will not simply keep quiet and walk away...and if that makes me a bad human.... 
so be it.


  1. Oh I get exactly what you are saying, please don't take it as I don't. I am terrible at words and for that I am sorry and no way meant any offense to anyone that was unjustly hurt. But I do want to be honest and maybe a bit clearer. Every time I saw a tweet with just random hash-tags, I did bypass it. Why? Because of lack of substance - to me it was just a bunch of words with no meaning. BUT once I was able to catch a blog link with the same/similar hash-tags, I stopped to actually read it. Now I know there were others posted by Robin, ones I didn't catch in my feed but she shared them with me on my blog. Hell yeah!!! Stand up for yourself and others. But there are others that want/need substance to back up the hash-tags. Now I have seen David's pics because I got on his profile .... not because I was searching the hash-tag but because I saw some of his mentions in a blog. Again I meant no actual offense but wanted to offer up a better idea of how to really get people to pay attention to the hash-tags.

    1. I really appreciate your input. We all need to be able to view these things from all sides. That is hard when a venue does not allow any views other than their own. I commend you for speaking up and saying what you believe . I get what you are saying...140 characters and hash-tags do not tell the whole story. Thank you for speaking up. We all need to look at this from many angles. Thank you for following some dots and looking further. The people who have been unjustly hurt will appreciate that effort. Best wishes in all of your future endeavors :)