Thursday, July 10, 2014

#TWATS NOT BOTS #Zibbet---An I truly Love Zibbet better than Etsy Challenge

I'm writing in pink because much of the topic on Twitter this eve just so happened to fall into that "Show us YOUR PINKS" category.
And it is currently 10:25 West Coast Cali time as I am writing this and despite all of the "hints" "reports" tweets..etc etc...
that certain most popular most pink of PINKS to ever hit the Zibbet front page is still up.
Yes it is indeed still right there in your face so to speak.  And at this point perhaps a Salute to the Queen in question  who actually got some real views on that so called ZibbetFlash
But keep in mind we're talking TWAT not BOT views here.
some people in certain chat rooms who have been viewing these posts from Zibbet Hub Lubs... who say things like
"In a word: I like EVERYTHING about Zibbet better than E! "

so we are kind of thinking "Oh yah? We'll if that is the case....why not shut down your Etsy shop where you actually are getting sales?????"

I mean honestly folks......
follow the path.......
look at some of those die hards in the Zibbet hub still there saying how much more they love Zibbet than Etsy but yet........
kind of sort of
but look at the shops who are in the Zibbet Hub saying how much they lurveeeeeeeeee Zibbet so much more
and yet..............
(((((((((no!!!!!!!!! BACK OFF SHERLOCK!!!!......))))))))
no rocket scientists needed here yet.......
They have hundreds if not thousands of sales on Etsy...
but many of them can Easily count on their fingers and toes the total amount of sales they have had at Zibbet even though they have been there for YEARS.
Something wrong with this think?
Something strange with this kind of ODD statements?
here's the challenge to those of ya'll there in the Zibbet Hub saying how much GREATER 
ZIBBET is than ETSY.......
close down your ETSY shops and concentrate FULL time on your ZIBBET venue.
we know that ain't gonna happen any time soon right?
Cheers to show us some more pinks!
Man that was some "Big Baller #Zibbet Love " on the front page today. Dayum cookie....those People are on top of what is really going on with their listings there.
TWAT was that you were saying????
gotta love the inovation right?


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  2. That's a mysterious comment, for sure. I've had lots of emails asking if I had any idea what is going on with some of the Zibbet faithful:

    Are they being paid? Are they invested financially in Zibbet? Does this have something to do with the C3 Church?

    If so, if they are Christians, why do they support obscene photos on the Zibbet site?

    Why do so many of them support shunning and muting and insulting anyone who raises a question about the site?

    Why do so many of them name call and characterize whistleblowers as mass murderers, psychologically disturbed and bad humans? Why do they support the owners' taking people's money and using it for poker games? What kind of church culture is that?

    Why do they care less about selling than defending and running public relations campaigns to try and prop up a site and owners who take the money and run, and do not provide the services promised?

    I have no answers for those who ask me if I can figure it out. All I can surmise is that it sure has nothing to do with making a living selling things online. There is a connection that has more to do with selling Zibbet to unsuspecting new sellers than anyone selling product to buyers. Why? I have no idea.

  3. The Zibbet cheerleaders remind me of the Wagglepop cheerleaders, They behaved the same way. They defended WP and its founder no matter what stupid things he did. And they bashed anyone who even asked questions.

    I KNOW what was in it for them and maybe Zibbet's founders have studied the Wagglepop play book.

    WP's founder promised the cheerleaders jobs and a piece of the pie once the site was successful. Some of the cheerleaders were so enamored of WP's Romeo that they even chipped in some of their own money for site funding.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Zibbet comes to the same end as Wagglepop. One day sellers will go to the site and it will have vanished with little or no notice.

  4. Ah, jobs. That does make sense. Since they aren't selling much product. But madly promoting for views for all to make it seem there's a snowball's chance in hell there of someday having it be worth your while?