Sunday, July 13, 2014

Zibbet and my Epiphany look at the post below

The You Tube post below is one of Pastor Andrew from the C3 Pentecostal Group and other very large churches and the Libertarian Party in Australia and a major Australian Bank.
He is also a founder of
and has been a subject of speculation.
After seeing one of Pastor Andy's actual sermons and while viewing it.....
I had a certain FLASH
one where I felt that GOD was telling me to warn you about this Zibbet Group
and that everything I have been trying to say has now been vindicated.
Follow the dots peeps.
Connect a few.
Just realize where Zibbet was originated
and then ask yourself
Do you really still want to be a part of this?
I know that the venue has some very religious members there.
But have they ever for once in their life considered that while they are calling others things
like "Bad Humans" that those so called Bad People are finding out information and having Epiphanies and sharing them everywhere?
A lot of people out here do have certain beliefs and religions and saying some are bad people because they do not believe what you believe to me is a bad on Pastor Andy and Jono and the whole Zibbet venue.
Just sayin'
Follow the links peeps
watch the Vids and find out the rest of the story on this BUNCH.

Also edited to add that this group is supposedly so BIG on Family and yet....
after seeing that  image on the board  where they clearly make fun of the Aborigine race.........
no wonder everyone is asking what is up with making fun of minorities?
Bad for business no matter what continent you reside in right?

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