Sunday, July 13, 2014

About that Zibbet Rebuild Delay once again same old story different day

Anyone out there remember this post????
(from in case you are so busy thinking anyone who asks is a bad human)

I suggest you ...

Keep us updated as to when the rebuild is scheduled to be completed please

I am sure that many of us are anxiously waiting for the rebuild to be implemented. How about count-down. Give or take a couple of weeks. We won't hold you to it but at least we would have a bit of an idea as to how long we have to wait.
If this is already posted somewhere, then I missed it ... please point me in the right direction.
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Jonathan PeacockADMINJonathan Peacock (CEO, responded  ·  
Because of the size and scope of the rebuild, it’s impossible to accurately estimate the launch date – even within a month either side. As we get closer to completion we’ll have a better understanding and will let all sellers know then. We do apologize for the delay.


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