Monday, July 14, 2014

PTL I saw the light the they hand out flash lights for their hidey holes?

One might think that one who has the absence of light would mean that there is only darkness to be found.
I however tend to believe that simply because one does not share your beliefs does not a dark person make of them.
Yes...there are sadly those at Zibbet who promote the message of "Get thee away from me person of darkness....anything you say can not be believed for you do not share the light we are casting out among our members" And yes it has been proven that maybe some of them don't come right out and say it to your face....but they are in their little hidden groups being told how to act and what to say. Pastor Andy at the helm of the hidey holes and even the one who was "supposedly" cast from her throne in the Z Hub is still calling the shots and directing a certain group of them on what to do and say.
A friend messaged me once about the Zibbet Hub and described the overall bunch as a "harmless group of Christian women sitting around knitting while paying games and supporting one another." And that's all fine and dandy if that were only the case.
I really believe that the reason the venue continues to lose more and more of it's long time supporters is because of the darkness that goes on behind the scenes. And we're not talking about some simple shady shit here we are talking about some serious darkness folks and in my opinion some of the most un-Christian like behavior that I have ever seen.
Some of them make it a point to go on public boards and adamantly proclaim that their Christian affiliations have absolutely nothing to do with the C3 church. And folks I strongly believe in the freedom of religion and the freedom to believe in whatever you want to believe in. Some would say..."Oh don't believe anything she says....she is a hater....she is trying to harm all Zibbeters." Wrong Wrong and Wrong. And honestly if those of us who are out here speaking out about our experiences with the venue were going to be afraid of the backlash and the real "Story starters"...we simply would have tucked our Zibbet feathers between our hiney and fluttered away to never look back on the venue. The fact is that many people did leave in silence and are still afraid to talk about it because they do not want to cause possible harm to their businesses. 
Many have wondered and wondered why a group that says they have nothing at all to do with the C3 would constantly support and defend the wrong doings of the CEO's and the members who lie about "cast off" Zibbeters. So I decided to link an article here because even if it is a long read and even if it was written way back in 2005 it is a pretty good over all summation of how they are indeed all tied together and why they are stuck like crazy glue on defending certain peeps while at the same time damning anyone who does not seem to be "growing" in the direction they have in mind for you. 
First of all I don't want any of ya'll Pentecostals to think I am dissing your religion by linking this article. 
You have a right to believe whatever you want to believe. It's just that for some reason there are certain folks in that Zibbet circle who feel that they can say what they want and do what they want and that doing so is a one way street. Newsflash....that two way street is getting wider every day..and we all know that bad people can be found in any group.
Okay so the most insightful thing to me about this article I am linking here is to take a look at the 

"Heavens Half-Dozen"group.

They are at the bottom of the article.
You will see Pastor Andy's boss and find that there is indeed a "connection" with the C3 and other affiliations with many of the religious Zibbeters who adamantly exclaim that there is no connection whatsoever. Also most eye opening are their political connections and the bank who is behind the funding of a lot of these start ups and venues.

Okay.....the thing that surprises me most of all is why on earth didn't Zibbet simply promote the fact that they are a religious venue and run with that? Instead they took the path of denying that religion has anything to do with it and yet..they let their beliefs and convictions reap havoc among the Community Hub and beyond.  If they would have simply embraced this like mindedness (and they still could) the sellers there would certainly be reaping the rewards of many many buyers who choose to support sellers who sanctify their beliefs. The last time I looked Religion is big business folks. wink-wink.
However what is bad business and what doth a Bad Human make a forum filled with handmaidens who create lies and cover ups against their naysayers. That's right folks. Cruise on in to that nice little Zibbet Hub where everyone is so friendly and welcoming. But if you dare to ask the wrong question or you are falling out of the like mindedness will then find out just how nice some of them truly are.
Oh but to hear their side of the story.....they are simply being picked on and attacked by a group of bad humans and haters. Thanks to social media.....the rest of the story is out there. And it really doesn't matter who's side you are on.
The only thing that matters here is what you truly believe.
And speaking of social media I saw a quote today that I really liked.....
We never "lose" friends, we just learn who our real ones are."
Peace ya'll.

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