Sunday, July 20, 2014

Todays' Doins

Feels like I actually got a bit accomplished dogs are sure barking both literally and figuratively hah!
Got some new stuff painted and finished up some recycled projects to take to the Mall.
First I finished this old beauty shop chair...quite comfy actually. Today I finished the last layer of paint. Wish I had gotten a before pic of this.  It was an ugly dirty white which had turned beige in places vinyl. So I shot it with some sky blue spray paint.  Then cut out circles from some sticker paper and painted black on top of that. Today I added the white design using a filigree stamp. Then a couple of coats of clear....and I kind of like how it turned out.

I had bought this old Lane end table from a church bazaar awhile back and the bottom brown part was really dinged up but I like the faux alligator turquoise top.
I think I have mentioned a few times how much I like orange and blue together :)
From that same Church bazaar I had purchased this old school desk
The bottom of the legs were rusty and the top was pretty dinged up .I had started painting yellow on the top and remembered to stop and take a before pic.
So I sanded the top after waxing it because I wanted it to kind of look like a chalk board....

Hubby painted this old oak stand for me....I took this pic while he was painting the shelves
My favorite and actually easiest project of the day was this awesome mid century table that hubby bought yesterday at an estate sale for $3. A light sanding on the top and then a bit of stain and a bit of wax and now it looks like something Don Draper might be happy to sit an ashtray on :)

Here's a couple more random pics that I took simply because they made me smile. I can't keep everything that makes me smile house is tiny :) I racked my brain trying to remember who Huckleberry Hounds' side kick was.  I finally had to google it to remember Quick Draw McGraw.
I wonder how many cups of tea this little pink pig has poured?
There are so many neat little "shops" at the antique are a couple of things I was drooling over this afternoon

Hope ya'll had a beautiful day and cheers to a Mahhhhvelous Monday up ahead :=)

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