Friday, July 18, 2014

#Zibbet “Hypocrites get offended by the truth.” some of the rest of the story

So I saw this quote today and it reminded me of Zibbet. 

  “Hypocrites get offended by the truth.” ― Jess C. Scott, Bad Romance: Seven Deadly Sins Anthology

The problem with Zibbet is that there are a lot of different truths and of course many different sides to all of the stories out there. A big problem as well is that there they tend to have "Groups within groups" so to speak.....certain people in certain groups have their own little groups and are doing things that people who belong to the groups are not aware of. (Until they are given proof and even then some of them have this undying devotion and refuse to discuss or believe that any one there has done what the "bad humans" are saying.)  They also have this uncanny way of reaching out to members who are starting to sway and are beginning to ask the wrong questions. If you are on Zibbet they will send you these private little messages asking you to remove whatever you have said and reminding you that what you are saying might somehow hurt all of the good people there and may even have a hurtful effect on some of your friends. If you don't listen to their little hints and suggestions they will then start stalking you on social media and that is where things get very ugly unless they are able to convince you to retract what you actually felt. Yes some of them will actually STALK YOU on social media... try to create havoc and then if unsuccessful will turn the story around and say that you have stalked them. WJW? They often prey upon the fact that you do have a conscience and do have friends there. These are the people they have the most control over when or if they ever begin to question some of the stuff going on behind the scenes. Then once they become convinced that you have fallen out of the Zibbet graces.... they will turn on you call you crazy hateful and equate you to being a so called "Mass murderer". 
Some in that hub have played up the "Victim" card in that hub quite well. Saying things like "Oh they take what we say and use it against us." Well here's a clue....if something you have said could be used against you...perhaps it shouldn't be said? Perhaps it was wrong to say it and that is what keeps pouring kerosene into the flames so to speak.
For chick there constantly blows her fuse mouths off calls people crazy tells them to leave screams at them with CAPS and foul language abbreviations and then will act like everyone else is picking on her and they are the crazy ones. She has made up stories about people in the hub she knows nothing about and then has spoken them and people in her group believe them but she doesn't know how people in the little chosen group are happy to have her look like an ass and take one for the team so to speak. Another one who hates the so called "Haters" and makes up little stories about them is also pretty good at making up stories about herself.  Little does she know that every time she says she makes lots of custom orders even though it doesn't show that in her shop sales....(she has been making this statement for years) and doesn't realize that the people in her little group are snickering and laughing behind her back about her "fibbing regarding all of those custom orders" and yet they are happy to propagandize the lies she tells about the "others". Sound hypocritical much LOL!
Then there are the ones who simply don't understand how Twitter works....myself not an expert...I replied to a conversation last nite to someone above me and later saw that the reply linked to an entire conversation that I had not seen. Sometimes even when you click on "view" conversation you are not seeing all of it but one thing for sure....when you comment in the conversation you are now a part of it. Last night someone from Zibbet sent a tweet that said "Please remove me from this conversation". I mean the last time I looked you are in that conversation because you tweeted something and if the conversation turns into something you were not planning it to be....Well the way it works is that you remove yourself and delete the comment and that if you don't want to be in the conversation then perhaps don't comment? 
Fact from my side of the street is that there are a few bad people there starting up a lot of trouble that could have easily been avoided but problem is that the fish rots from the head down and in this case...the biggest problem is right at the top of the food chain here peeps. Some in that circle continue to say things about the haters and all of the negativity they are spreading. But from the other side of the street those so called "Haters" are doing a positive thing by trying to warn new sellers to not buy into what has so far been a huge farce and waste of "Premium" money.
No one out there is saying "Don't buy from Zibbet sellers " (the last time I looked) What they are saying is do not waste your money buying a premium seller account until the CEO's deliver on the promises that they have been promising for years. Yes it really is that simple to understand. Many of those so called haters are in fact still promoting other Zibbeters and their items in their shops.
But you see that is some of the rest of the story that they don't want to talk about and that they don't want people to hear.  Instead they have to keep their stories going about how the haters are trying to hurt good Zibbet sellers and are just a terrible negative bunch.
In fact many of them are very positive indeed. 
I honestly feel that what the Hub people call as a group of haters should actually be personally thanked by all of them who fend offended. The last time I looked those so called "Haters" have finally forced and shamed those CEO's to get off of their arse wave a red rag and actually try to produce some sort of rebuild that they have been stalling and pumping the brakes on year after year. Newsflash....had none of this so called negativity ever happened..I'd be willing to bet the boys would be busy scheduling more Poker tournaments instead of scheduling down time for Zibbet migration to the new venue.
And something else to ponder.....some in the Hub running to the defense of the venue when asked about advertising will say YES! YES! I have seen the Zibbet Circus tent ad...they are Advertising! Well sorry to pop your bubble but the last time we looked that ad was advertising for people to sell on Zibbet which of course leads to those $89 dollar premium deals in the pockets of the Ceo's. Was there something there about buying on Zibbet that we may have missed :D
So yes there are many many layers and sides and stories going on here. Sad fact is that so few even care anymore. My wish is that the good sellers who have been working so hard for so long to try and sell their wares will finally get the benefit of all that time they have spent. At the same time we will keep spreading the news about what we have experienced. Thank goodness for screenshots. And yes...the last time I looked every business in business does need to be held accountable for their actions.
Carry on lovers and haters in the universe.....
there's room for everyone in this wonderful world of ours.
Happy weekend peeps!
Stay safe and sound :D

eta...some interesting things to do if you have some spare time....look at the ones calling the "others" haters...look at their Zibbet feedback and follow many of the links how so many of them are attached at the hip so to speak. The proof is in the puddin' yep yep yep


  1. Well done. I can only add a well known quote: There is none so blind as he who will not see.

  2. yep yep yep but even the blind can sometimes find time to hopefully delve further into that so called pudding LOL! positive vibes and thanks for taking the time to speak up.....nothing negative about that right?