Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sometimes Imaginary size and bojingle jangles matter in a perplexing feedback way :)

So awhile back I was looking at a sellers' feedback (that I and some friends have in the past purchased a thing or two from.)   I was amazzzzeeeeedddd to see that someone gave them a Negative feedback and said something like "I don't like the noise they make when I am wearing them"These were clearly some big ole statement dangler earrings....and yet the buyer somehow thought it was perfectly fine to give a seller a negative feedback because they were somehow offended by whatever "Noise" these earrings made when they were dangling on the buyers' ears.
I also often see sellers getting neutral or sometimes even negative feedback on all of the venues that I buy and sell on....where the feedback will say something like "I was disappointed with the size"...or "These were not the size I thought they would be" or "these are too big or these are too small"...yada yada yada kind of stuff...
and if you click on the actual listings....guess what?  The sellers have clearly stated the size of the item...and it leaves one like me thinking WTH????
A seller is also responsible for a buyer somehow imagining an item to be a different size than the one that the seller clearly stated it was? ????
 It is almost funny except it is sad that this kind of feedback happens to on-line sellers quite often.
No wonder so many sellers are afraid to sell on-line and only wish to deal with buyers face to face :=)
But instances like these....will also often lead to some sellers blocking or refusing to sell to buyers who leave this type of unwarranted feedback.
I always suggest that if you have a problem with an on-line first and foremost....
contact the seller before you leave unwarranted feedback.
Most of them will bend over backwards to try and fix whatever problem you might be having with the purchase :)

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