Friday, April 26, 2013

Okay So I got the Etsy Email about the "bug" about my name being shared...but was glad that they were sharing my items

Okay....I got this e-mail message from Etsy....and have read many posters' opinions in the forums....I understand all of the privacy issues if someone has an identity change etc....but I can say that I don't care if someone knows my real real name and addy is on the postage I print on everything I sell there...and happy that Etsy chose to send out the message to promote some of my items....and yes...some out there are very concerned because they do not want buyers to know their real names or identities..but---myself...I have nothing to hide and the fact that Etsy made a mistake in their e-mail....with all privacy situations..I understand how these types of things can happen..and honestly...I can only say at this point..thank you Etsy....for promoting some of my items without my previous knowledge and by the way.....not charging me for promoting them  LOl!
I'm writing to inform you of a bug in some promotional emails that were sent on Wednesday. When the bug was discovered, we halted the emails immediately. One or more of your items were featured in an email to people who have favorited your shop, and we mistakenly displayed your billing name instead of your shop name.
We take your privacy incredibly seriously, and want to share some details about what happened.
On Wednesday, Etsy sent a marketing email displaying new items from the recipients’ favorite shops. The email was sent to a subset of members who have favorited shops and are subscribed to the email list “What's new at Etsy.” The intention was to show your shop name below each featured item, as is standard practice across the site and in emails from Etsy.
However, due to an internal bug, which has now been corrected, your billing name (rather than your shop name) was displayed below your item(s). Though the display name was incorrect, recipients who clicked on the name were directed to your shop page. The email did not display or link to any other private information about you or your Etsy account. No other personal information was disclosed.
You can find additional information in these FAQs.
We recognize the severity of this mistake, and deeply apologize. We are taking all necessary steps to make sure we avoid issues like this in the future.
Please contact us if you have further questions.
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