Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Could Bark Clear To URANUS

Girl your legs are so thick now
 we could fry bacon for weeks
just from one of them....
your girlfriend
(that you take to your bed)
 has a nose so big
we could bark clear to
(or even mars and back)
bottom line you are both so ugly
butt ugly in your face
and you are both
on the outside
doesn't even begin to cover your insides
(she's a theif a ton of times over)
you're just a bad soul
getting fatter and fatter
because the ugly inside
of you
keeps festering
and plumping you up
(I hope you don't explode
those legs of yours)
look like they might soon
need a mack truck
to start hauling them
no wonder your man
is a wandering
alzzz over the place
he don't like
thick plank
you waaaaaaaay
than his ex
ever even thought about
You better check
before he calls in a
wrecker to
clear up the wreck
( yourself)
thick plank
you and your girlfriends
should take that to the bank
and rock it gently
we don't need
no earthquakes
round here

Spanky Luvs Had a Dream 2013

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