Thursday, April 11, 2013

Red Chalk paint with vintage rose pillow case fabric chair for vanity in progress :)

Here's a project I was working on today for the shop.  We have this old desk with a mis-matched vanity mirror missing a couple of small drawers. Up in our storage I found a small student desk chair that went with a loft bunk bed from a company that went out of business.  We used to have to order two chairs at a time because they came in a box and I was always left with an extra chair.  So this old chair has been up on our roof top storage for quite some time.
I used some do it yourself red chalk paint where you  mix in a bit of grout and some water.  Then a bit of a cream white wash rag rub on top and a bit of sanding....and clear coat.  Not quite finished but took a few pics of what i have done so far :)   I used an old rose pillow case for the seat cover and hubby is bringing  some upholstery tacks when he comes home from work so it can be covered in a clear plastic.  The chair seat is so hard that our electric stapler simply wont shoot the staples in far enough to be able to then hammer them in  :) 

 The chair was missing a dowel cover in back and I was going to fill it in with putty before painting but decided to make a couple of little rose flower bows and stuck them on there instead.

The desk wouldn't fit into my little Rio the other day..(man I'm always trying to shove things in the back seat that will never fit no matter how hard I try LOL!)  But here is the vanity mirror so far.

I'll put up a couple of pics of the bottom desk for the vanity when I get around to getting it home :)   Hope ya'll are having a great week so far!

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