Monday, April 8, 2013

Marvelous Monday ponderings...home improvement..

So hubby got "winded out" at work (wind was blowing too hard) then he got home and was going to do some maintenance on his truck and it started we spent an awesome day together on my day off...  We ended up at Home Depot where I told him we needed to go so I could get some grout to make some "chalk paint"...
they have this great deal there where you can "try out" 8 oz samples of BEHR paint for something like $2.86 which to me is a great size for random projects....and I picked out a few colors and then we headed to the "grout aisle" while the paint was being mixed .
Lo and behold wouldn't ya know it?  I spotted some tiles that I knew I had to have on the floor in my little kitchen.  Hubby agreed that he liked them and went out to get a rolling cart to load them up. We ended up leaving with a truck load of a butt load of tile and a few bags of grout and paint :) Thank you Home Depot----you are one of my favorite places to go and "Browse" hee-hee!
Of course we will have to knock out the tile that dad helped us do several years ago when we re-did the kitchen...but I told hubby we would take it slow and just do a bit at a time.  He has been putting in a lot of overtime lately and working so hard that I want him to be able to relax once in awhile when he is at home LOL!   So here is the tile and I am really looking forward to us completing this project :)

Whoo hooo!

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