Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are pinners and likers and sharers now sinners ????

There is a very interesting thread going on in the Etsy forums now about Pinterest and Copyright issues etc...
I wanted to post my post as to what my thoughts were on this issue...and hope that perhaps some Etsians and Zibbeters and other on line sellers and "pinners" and "Twitterers" and "Facebook" likers and promoters.....who have never even heard any word about "copyright" issues....this might be a good thread to go and take a look-see at.....just to get a peek about how both sides are often correct in their ideas and beliefs :)

this is what I said

 Just wanted to pop back in and mark again
and say that the thread is still very interesting and I agree with a lot of things on both sides of the issue.
I would first of all simply assume that when someone posts something on the net that their "goal" would be to have as many people as possible see it. And I simply think that most "pinners" and people who share things they find on the net are assuming that same thing as well. They are not going to "Google" copyright laws and issues.....and your average Etsian is not going to know that they are doing anything wrong by sharing other sellers' items on the net.
My point that I most wanted to make in my first post (and perhaps did not do it so well) is that if you do post something on-line....I still believe it will then be shared anywhere on the net..(until you as the one who owns the copyright can find it and ask the person to remove it if you do not wish to have it shared.) This is not just a "pinterest problem" so to speak...but Pinterest has become very popular and it is just easier to find if your items are there now because of that fact.
I find it a bit interesting that some who protest items being pinned on Pinterest actually still have accounts and boards on Pinterest where Etsian items are pinned on their boards there...and yes they may have 1st asked everyone they "pinned" if it was okay with them before they "pinned" it....(but I would think "probably not". ) I also am very aware that just as some do not embrace "Facebook" or "Twitter" for example..others do not embrace "Pinterest" and don't find it working for them and have every right not to want their items on a sight that they do not like and are not on.
On the other hand...I have had some people thank me because I pinned their item on certain "group boards" that I participate in....and it generated sales in their on-line venues. And yes....many people want exposure if they are trying to sell their wares on-line.....and yes (in my experience) most people want the exposure as long as they are getting credit for it.
But I still think that the "real thieves"..(the ones who are actually going to steal your stuff and act like it belongs to them.....)
are not the people using the "pin" button on this sight,
I also don't think this subject should be termed a "fight" because we are indeed on a sight where the pin button is very prominent...and any member who does not frequent the forums (and most Etsians do not participate or ever even come to the forums...right?) So I would think that most Etsians have absolutely no clue that "Some Doth Protest the Pin button..and will never see any topic asking "Are Pinners Sinners?" so to speak :)

And yes....an Etsy "opt out" to let those here who do not want their items shared or pinned on "Pinterest" would be a start....
and if this happens there should also be a "heads up" to let people know that if they do not see a "Pin" button on some seller pages here.....this means....not to share it on Pinterest.
Also....not to throw this off topic-----but this makes me wonder......I have never asked anyone for their "permission" to add their item to a treasury....and the treasuries here can easily be found via a google search....should we also be asking the Etsian if they want their items in treasuries....because now those treasuries will be found on line without their permission? I know that the link would /should lead back to their shop...but is this also a case...(that I simply assumed sellers here) would want their items promoted (shared on Face book...Twittered...etc.)
But maybe this is also wrong as well unless anyone we put in our own treasuries are first asked if we have their permission or not?....How about if I "like" someone's item and it posts to my Facebook page without asking their permission to have it shared?..am I posting something of theirs on my page without their permission and in violation of their copyright on their item?.....again not changing this subject but perhaps this also has the same type of issues we should now think about ? .....Thank you Janet for starting this thread!

just wanted to add this link when I asked the question about what happens when your images are posted to Facebook...off topic but still perhaps on the same topic? and maybe we should ask the real owner of the images before we like or share them on our pages there as well?

and here is the link to the thread......very interesting read I think and agree with a lot of opinions there!
 and here is my e-card I made in response to this topic :)

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