Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bounce with me Gamma...Chloe and the bounce house

Here's a little pic of Grand baby Chloe on her Birthday outside of the bounce house. 
First of all I want to say that a  friend of mine recently mentioned the fact that a certain person out there is acting like it is creepy to share pics of your Grand baby or kids on line.  They are trying to throw this into their little argument of someone stealing images and to simply have to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.
This is my real Grand baby...this is a real picture....this is a recent picture....and if I was worried for one second that any harm would come to my sweet pea by sharing it...oh believe you me....Gamma would pump the brakes on that one :)
But naturally as Mothers and Grandmothers....we want to share our off spring with others and the internet leaves us a bigger audience in order to do so.  Just my 2 cents on that one.  And I really think that only someone with a creepy mind would think creepy things about pics of little kids.  Bottom line. the bounce house and Chloe.....
she was holding out her arms that day and kept saying "Help me Gamma"....and she wanted old Gamma to get my butt in that bounce house and hold her and jump around.
Needless to say...that lasted all of about 5 minutes and then I sat down in the bounce house with her on my lap and we did the "Butt bouncin' boogie" instead of the hippity hop.
But it really gave me the inspiration to start taking better care of myself.  As women we always tend to put everyone else first and leave ourselves on the back burner.....but because of 3 little words "Help me Gamma"....I find myself taking better care of myself these days...simply so I can hopefully be around much longer to offer as many hugs and kisses that I can :)

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