Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Bit O Wishy Washy Cloudy Chronicles Ponderin'

They say that the best way to irk a narcissist is to simply ignore them.....and Lordy only knows how I tried and tries OH WOA IZZZ MEEEE! ---this over and over with a certain someone---LOL!
But sometimes I just can't help but ponderin' how one of these shady sideways cloudy peeps can do things like this....
#1....they think it is okay to act say and do what they want but OMG the sky is fallin' ---anytime someone else doesn't go along with them or do what they say is just really CREEPY to me how one of them really cloudy ole catfishes out there  actually thinks it is fathomable to talk about sharing a Grand child's pics and say that a creep may do something with the images if you  share them on line and for one second to even think that this topic has anything at all to do with thieves out there who are stealing artists' on-line images.  ????????? And I guess it takes a CREEP to make this type of nonsensical creepy correlation in the first place.  Yes...there are creeps out there....and yep cloudy ole gal....especially after that post....I now have you at the top of the list of creeps in my little world...and I know you are here over and over so you are reading this and know I am thinking about you when I say this  :( Boo for you and your creepy thoughts sezzz me.. about when some people think it is okay to share things they found on Pinterest to their Face Book page.....and then later on get all dramatic about how wrong it is to pin items from web sites to Pinterest because you may be stealing from in some peoples' worlds it is obviously okay (once again for them to do what they want and to share things from Pinterest to their other pages) ...but isn't okay to pin things to Pinterest in the first place?????  And don't try to pull out that "Permission first" card...because I already asked a few of those peeps that you have already so readily "shared" their pinned images to your Face book page....and guess what?  Nope you didn't ask them first if it was okay to share those pinned images to your Face book page......hmnzzzzzzzzz....imagine that?  But yes...I already get think it is okay to do what you want....because after always do. right? 
#4....what about a situation like this one?...Let's examine this for a minute or 2 LOL!.  Okay  so a family member of yours posts a real image of yours to Face Book...and they have no privacy settings or anything in place and then I hit the "share" button....yep....(you know that little share button that is on every image and post on FACE BOOK?)--- Yep that's the "share" button I am talking about.  So then it gets shared all over the net from riddle me this what else?  Oh that's right....the share button....SHARE being the key phrase here....(in case any one is missing that one LOL!)  Okay so then..what about when this person gets on another topic about artists' images being stolen and then goes on and on and on about someone "STEALING" her "COPYRIGHTED" image without her permission?????  And this person is calling me a thief simply because I hit the "share" button.  They even say that I "altered" the image when all I did was block out this  "family members' faces".....and yep they keep saying I am a I would actually steal chairs off of her porch and stuff if I saw them sitting out there kind of thief....and gee.....all I did was hit the "share" button on Face book and share a gosh darn real image of this person. (And of course after her big lies on that "Big Can of Worms sore loser " issue that she got busted with her big ole sore loser lying pants one in my world believes another word that comes out of her shady lips
...but  might I  still take offense at this one having the nerve to call me a thief? And sometimes yah just sometimes I  have to once again take this person off of ignore just to state my side of what is really going on here.
#5.....yes I have been known to ramble a time or two in my lifetime hee-hee......but while on this topic of "sharing" vs. "stealing" images.....some out there would say that NO! you can not walk into an art gallery and steal a persons' anytime you "share" or "pin" the item you may perhaps be stealing from them as well.  Yes----get their permission first if you are at all worried that you may be infringing on their "art"----but I would also have to say to that theory....that I honestly do not believe that any new unknown artist out there would ever end up in an art gallery if no one out there in the social media takes notice to share or pin or link or like their items.   In my opinion...they take a big chance of never being noticed in this sea of internet goodies and world of wonder out there that we will only find when someone else out there in my opinion does indeed take the time to share with others what they like :=)....and that may indeed be something that others may want to consider. And I would also say that I have come to view many of the comments in a new light....if someone is complaining about having things "shared"...they are probably opening up the door for others to remove them from their network of whatever promotion and sharing that we chose to do for artisans in our spare time ..because after all there are waaaaay toooooooooooooo  many people out there who are happy to have strangers like pin promote and share their stuff...and when there are actually codes that you can place on your pages to prevent people from lets say "Pinning" them....why get all dramatic about it and why not just put the code on your page if you don't want your "art" to be pinned?  Perhaps not enough artists know that there are codes out there that will in fact prevent your copyrighted images from being pinned and shared....but you can find them if you simply "Google" them---it will take you less time to imbed these codes into your pages than it will for you to complain that someone is sharing or liking or pinning your items without your permission :)
Just my ponderin' for the day.....hope ya'll are having a great week :=)

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