Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lipstick on a Pig ramblings for the day

Younger girls //slash// women.... are indeed a bit vulnerable...( I know that I once was)....
we all are at a place at one point in our lives where we discover love and we simply want to
believe that all love is good because at this point when we are young we haven't known about bad love
and we are very impressionable indeed.
We all have coming of age moments and growing up moments and experiencing things for the first time moments but I would have to think that by the age of 25 or so.....
that common sense and some sort of experience would tend to set in.
And my ponderings for today are on a subject that I have in the past couple of years personally known a few people to be involved in.
And I just have to say...
What the hell are you women over 25 thinking when you fool around with married men and then later on expect them to marry you?  And then when in fact some of these married men who left their wives and family for you....and finally do end up marrying you------
what EXACTLY is it about you that you think is going to be different?
Why do you for one nano second think that this man is going to be faithful to you or how do you sleep at night knowing that at any moment he may up and leave you for the next newest young thing that happens to ring a ding ding his bell?
And heck who knows? Maybe you are some sort of a swinging kind of couple and you do things that his former wife never did...but then what happens when you gain some weight and the stuff you are doing does not excite him anymore?
What exactly makes you think that your relationship will end up being any different than the one he had with the wife (and kids) he left for you?
I seriously do not know what some of you girls are thinking??!!!
Maybe you don't care...maybe you were just looking for some money and a way out of the miserable life you were in.  And if it is all about the $ all I can say is that if he is already on his second marriage...he was probably smart enough about the pre-nup stuff and I hope you were not stupid enough to sign anything.
Me....I just don't want to try and judge people...I made a lot of mistakes when I was younger and we all do when we are growing up.
But I somehow always knew to shy away from those married men who were hitting on younger women.
There is indeed a thing called karma.
I strongly believe that what comes around goes around.
And I just wish that you young women out there will wake up.
You can not put lipstick on a pig and call it "Pretty"
and to me it is pretty amazing that any of you women over the age of 25 are still expecting to find your knight in shining armor and your "happily ever after" by sleeping with a married man and then later on somehow expecting this same man to believe in the Sanctity of marriage if he does indeed marry you.
Aren't there enough single men still left out there that you do not have to stoop to this level?

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