Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a BIT MORE about the Pinterest Police thread on Etsy

Just wanted to post a few more thoughts about the thought provoking Etsy thread raising the question regarding whether or not it is okay to "pin" items from Etsy without first getting the shop owners' consent.
I really can see both sides of the story.
As one who has had some of my items "stolen" on-line.
One instance is on another venue where a large site from China copied and pasted several sellers' items.  Some of my one of a kind items were copied and pasted and the site owners were acting like they were wholeselling my stuff. Almost funny because there was only one of each item available but I wasn't really laughing about the fact that...they were acting like they owned my stuff and other sellers items ----then eventually with the help of the CEO and work from all of the shop owners who had been affected....we finally managed to have all of our items removed from that site.
Another instance is from quite awhile back when a customer purchased several of my greeting cards and not long afterwards I saw that two of my cards were being sold in an on-line gift store.  (The difference is that they had removed my name from the cards and were selling them as their own creations). I was never really sure if this was the same person who had purchased the cards from me or if someone had simply "right clicked" my items and then removed my name from them...
Recently one of my Nieces had her Facebook pics copied and someone else "catfished" a facebook and was using my Nieces pics and saying it was them.
So I think I do have a bit of an understanding of how it feels when someone basically "steals" your stuff.
But I still do not think that it is the same as someone "sharing" a pic that you have posted on Facebook...or someone sharing your items on Polyvore or Pinterest or on Facebook....
(as long as the person doing that is not saying that they made them or that they are you.)
On the Etsy thread people keep saying "Go to page 31 and you'll see what can happen"
99.99% of the people out there will never see page 31
99.99% of the people will never see an Etsy forum
99% of the people have probably never even heard of Etsy
and 99% of them have no clue about copyright issues and will continue to share things they see on the net. won't find me grabbing your french fries or taking a chair off of your porch...but when you post something on the net....aren't you doing it to share it with others? And I am not talking about them stealing your items.....but unless you put some sort of a big disclaimer on top of the photos telling them not to share pin or like your items without your permission....the odds are that someone out there is going to keep sharing them....if they feel that they are worth sharing.
I for one am a bit of a Pinterest addict :)  I find the whole thing quite Pinteresting as a matter of fact. =)

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