Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Still Looking a bit Cloudy out there.......

 The girl has so much shade all over her
that they started calling her "Cloudy"
she's the saurkraut on the weiner
the phoney in the baloney
They copied and pasted her real
face....not just the image
but her real words....the
way she lied and denied
the way she backstabbed
and jabbed
and she
 just kept stirring that pot.
That pot full of worms.
Did she have a clue about
the real pics?
The pics that someone else
recently took and owned
(Where she wasn't standing
behind someone
where she had
no smoke screens
or magic mirrors
just a big ole wide
wrinkly scowl ) ???
Did she know that every time
she whines and stirs
and gets all dramatic...
that insta-matic----
those real pics get shared again
(to the curious ones who
somehow find their
way to the one she
still keeps whining about.)??
Someday maybe she will know
that even though

she is older than
most of the ones
she jabbers about....
(that this has not made her wiser)
maybe someday she will learn
that they way to resolve
the problem she started
is to quit trying to burn.
But she got so much shade
all over her
maybe she will never see the light
and do what is right

Spanky Luvs Had a Dream 2013

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