Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#Zibbet #Aborigine # Prejudice is alive and well @Hackerlabs or so it seems

Yes sometimes I can get a bit angry spice but these days if I don't speak about what I am feeling when I am feeling it.... I may never stop to write about it at all.
I made a post below about the "Blackboard" at Hackerlabs that also happens to be the Zibbet headquarters. I was and still am simply amazingly appalled and shocked at the same time at what appears to be an aborigine at the bottom of the blackboard being used as a golf tee or hole.  I mean if this isn't a WTF were they thinking? moment for the Zibbet difference I really don't know what could top this one.

No I have never been to Australia but have read certain things about how Australia has also had a very racist past in which apartheid has been practiced and where indigenous Aboriginal people have lost almost all their land and suffered many prejudices.

And this is the thing....
even if there is some sort of innocent reason or excuse behind the image on their black board....
out of all of the people in that group in that office/lab.....
wouldn't you think that at least one of them might have the sense to think
"Hey someone might look at this and find it offensive?"
Whatever their excuse for doing something like this... I  really think that for anyone considering spending money on a Premium account at Zibbet or renewing their old premium
account....you would have to realize that this is a prime example of the ways they repeatedly show/prove their lack of maturity and business sense.
They really appear to be a rather giggly laughing little group of boys who haven't a clue about how to run a business and keep  customers happy.
Seems like they are too busy starting more start-ups and using money from the former ventures to pay for their new ones.
At the same time not delivering on promises in which they took money from people who gave it to them in good faith and yet so far so many of those promises have not been delivered.
Not at all.
Some might equate these kind of tactics to pyramid/ponzi schemes and of course..with a Ceo who profited from the Dinars to Dollars scam.... people would guess that he is pretty learned in this sort of thing.

And surely some of ya'll in Zibbet land must be wondering why the person Jono said was hired as a full time Zibbet site tech is now calling himself CEO at Beaconater..(which of course is part of Zibbet/hackerlabs but doesn't look like Beaconator does much in the way of designing the new Zibbet Rebuild :D)
What about the Poker start up sight that Zibbet is sponsoring? Gosh wouldn't it be nice if they could sponsor a "craft sales" start up or some kind of something that actually might benefit Zibbet sellers?
Well of course Jono and Andy have insisted that not a penny has been taken by them from the Zibbet venue....
goodness gracious they have always insisted that they are just so busy working full time night and day to make this the quote "Premier site for HAVS"...
yah right.
I'd wager to bet that they haven't worked up much of a sweat on anything about Zibbet (other than monitoring members social media posts.) And Andy might have worked up a bit of a sweat waving that so called "Red Rag" a time or 2. :D
Some people are out here wondering if the Poker pot $ is part of how to "master your money"
and make it GroW......
(you know...Andy's plan.)
There have been some reports where sellers have seen what they believe is their automatic renewal coming out of Pay Pal a month early. We kind of figure that the "free month trial" probably wasn't free once you signed on as a Premie....
in other words....you did/are not getting 13 months for your money.
Another Zibbet glitch?  Will be interesting to see how they spin this one folks. Maybe they can just blame it on Pay Pal.
Seems like if the hustlers and hackers would work just a teeny tiny bit more on Zibbet......
better things would perhaps be on the horizon of those there still working so hard to peddle their wares.
This obviously is not part of Andy or Jono's plan however.
They are in the business of selling premiums. 

And recruiting new handmaidens to carry on their vision of 

what often appears to be amazingly deceitful.

And seeing how Jono and Andy met in a church group according to their back-story.....
one might stop and wonder where gambling, drinking, and making fun of Aborigines fall into this whole church mind set.
They being the ones who like to talk about 
"People of the same mind set"  kind of stuff
wink wink
And for a bit of nostalgia flash back.....
here is a 2009 "meet the team"
(in case some of you self proclaimed "ding-bats" who make it a point to "Troll" my little ole blog LMAO.....)
might want to ponder on something else to get yer skirts ruffled up in that sandbox.
Dear hand maidens self appointed "good humans of the zibbet community."..
ponder on this.....
if they (the CEO's)  were ever at any point "constantly working"  on Zibbet....
just think what the site might have become by now????..........
oh a gal's gotta dream every now and then  I guess.
insert canned laughter :=)


Jonathan Peacock, CEO and Founder of Zibbet.com
Vision.  Innovation.  Strategy.
Jonathan oversees and manages the day to day operations of Zibbet.
He is constantly working on ways to improve both the ‘buying’ and ’selling’ experience on the site by implementing new and innovative ideas (most of them suggested by the sellers in our community).
Jonathan is also responsible for marketing and developing the Zibbet brand.  Connecting buyers and sellers is of the highest importance.
He has a clear vision for the future of Zibbet and is armed with the strategy and commitment to get there.

Andrew Gray, Director and Co-founder of Zibbet.com
Creativity.  Ideas.  Motivation.
Andrew is a perfect example of someone you would call an  ‘ideas man’.  He is forever coming up with creative new ideas and initiatives for Zibbet.
He is both a motivator and a motivated individual.  As co-founder, he also shares the same clear vision that our founder, Jonathan, has for Zibbet.  And that is to become the most popular online destination for buying creative, handmade works.  At the same time, we plan to be the premier online venue for sellers, providing them with a great looking (fully customizable) shop front, the best industry-leading tools for their promotional needs, and the best ‘value for money’.


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  2. MaryJuly 9, 2014 at 7:36 AM

    I think this line says it all. I would only add they also have no clue as to what professionalism is.

    They really appear to be a rather giggly laughing little group of boys who haven't a clue about how to run a business and keep customers happy.

    Removed first one because of spelling errors.

  3. Wow, just WOW. Thanks for sharing this - I found via twitter. I closed my shop recently on zibbet, I'm glad that I've found yet another reason why zibbet is as unprofessional as I've always believed.