Saturday, July 26, 2014

#Zibbet and some thoughts about why the "Zibbet difference" doesn't make much sense to many and why most people don't even care anymore

I posted this tweet on Twitter this eve
"The longer I live it seems I figure out more that there is less I understand about a lot of things ".
And the past few days I have been feeling this about a lot of things .
I have friends who are dealing with some difficult times. In my family alone this past week one family member has an Aunt who is going to be removed from life support in intensive care due to an unexpected brain aneurysm at the age of 45. Another family member attended a funeral yesterday for her girlfriends' 3 month old precious baby who was born premature and suddenly stopped breathing one day for reasons that have still not been determined. Certainly the things that life unexpectedly throws at us will never be able to be explained. And I think I stopped trying to figure out that kind of stuff a long time ago.
The kind of things I do still often wonder about are the things that indeed could and can be prevented.
But often the 1st step in that is trying to find some common ground and trying to understand where the other person is coming from.
The past couple of days on Twitter I have witnessed the "Zibbet difference" grow to a whole new level.
Bottom is way bigger than all of the Zibbets of the universe....Zibbet is one tiny dot on a canvas of kabillions of circles. And these days most people have never heard of Zibbet and never will hear of Zibbet....and a lot of people who have experienced Zibbet are not excited and never again will be about anything to do with this down under venue.
I'm going to give this as one example of how people fail to communicate from ground zero.
(Especially when they are coming from the opposite sides of "Them" that Pastor Andy and his side kicks did such a good job of creating in that Community.)
Okay....there is this uber peaceful gal in my timeline and we follow one another. Someone tweeted something in response to her original tweet....and that led to other people who follow one another tweeting back. Suddenly the gal who tweeted to the uber peaceful one did not want to be in the conversation as she didn't like where it headed.
She messaged to "please remove her from the conversation" and I told her I believed she got herself in the conversation and could remove herself the last time I looked.
Then I wrote about the exchange in one of my posts below saying that if you respond to someone else that other people are following or who follow one another you will then indeed be in a conversation with everyone. And it seems quite obvious that a lot of these gals have no clue about this.
She then proceeds to private message me 
( like 3 maybe 4 in a row I'll have to go back and check that screen shot to be for certain ) and says something like please have the courtesy not to mention my words on your blog or elsewhere.
So I message her back and say that I obviously missed something because I never mentioned her name and wasn't sure what she was talking about...and poking fun at her said "You're not stalking my blog are you" :=D I mean she is obviously more concerned with what I am saying than I am about what she is saying....but I can not for the life of me begin to understand why these gals keep playing up that phony "Victim" card.
Bottom line....she involved herself in a conversation on Twitter that was in the feeds of everyone who follows one another. It's that simple. Why try to make it so complicated and make such a big deal about it?
Don't know. then there was this angry spice gal who responded to a former Zibbeters' tweet. Yes he tweeted something that in no way shape or form mentioned her
and then she jumped into his conversation all angry and rude and very strange to some looking at this thing go down. (It was almost like someone sent her there to try and create some sort of havoc. ) She was tweeting about how she just made this sale on zibbet and had sold many things those past couple of days on zibbet---yada yada....and someone else then said that it wasn't showing in her Zibbet sold items. And I did go and look to see if that was the case and took a screenshot that in showed her last sold item showing was from a couple of weeks before she posted that she just sold something and had just made many sales there. And once again need I remind you that the original tweeter never mentioned her?...she IN FACT---found him.
So then the gal goes what most would describe as bat shit crazy talking about trolls stalking her yada yada....and anyone who cared to look could clearly see that she was the one who in fact popped into that tweet and was saying some really rude stuff. But no....from her eyes and her side of the "others"...she felt that she was the one who had been trolled and attacked. And it just made no sense at all to a matter of fact I have had some previous interaction with this person and have never witnessed this type of behavior.... I was shocked to say the least.
But once again in the land of the Zibbet Difference....she was tweeting over and over about how Trolls were picking on her and she was supposedly some sort of a victim here.
All one had to do to see the truth of this matter was to start at the top of the tweets. But I'm sure most of those in her "them" group probably just added to the hate she was spreading and went along with her version without even looking at what really happened.
To me a classic example of how things get so easily misconstrued and believed over there in Zibbet land....
I have seen screen shots where the "CHOSEN CHEERLEADER" gal (who was supposedly banished) but is still burning up the Hot Line so to speak...
once upon a time someone in the Zibbet forums got booted and muted.
Hella told her sheeples that the person had spewed filth and terrible language in the forums and that she had personally seen it and that THIS was THE REASON why this particular person felt the wrath of Andy and Co and got booted from the community.
Well....word on the street and key phrase is once again
"WAKE up sheeples" guess what really happened?
Did the Booted Zibbeter actually do much cussin and fussin? Well evidently it appears that if you care to look at the rest of the story...
She had made the statement in her private team...KEY NOTES----
Next thing yah know it
and rumors and lies spread among that community about all of the terrible obscenities that had been spewed.
Fact is that P Andy was probably the only one who did the spewing over this situation---when seeing that someone knew he was an arsehole for trolling social media and monitoring folks.
And oh the stories and yes pictures but in this case screen shots are worth thousands of words.
I guess what I am Rhonda rambling tonight trying to say is that after the absolute venom and stupidity that I have witnessed from some of these folks lately.....
I have realized that there is no figuring them out.
You will never understand why someone does things and says things and acts in a way that you would never do.
I tried to figure out why some of them were such hypocrites.
I tried to figure out who I should still trust in the land of Zibbet. And I think the only thing I have really figured out as I am writing this tonight is that it seems as though very few of them(in that little inner circle that is thinning out day by day).....the only thing really Clear and undeniable is that not many of them left in that inner circle really trust one another.
I do hope their rebuild launch ends well for the good ones still left over there.
I do understand at this point that the venue growing and becoming well known which would mean lots of sales for the sellers... is still only going to happen if they build up a united community .
(Instead of tearing up the Community that they have left after what? 5 years of promoting one another?)
And maybe one of these days they might figure out that the Community never for one second had to be
they simply had to "Like Zibbet" and promote it to the best of their ability.....
Because the last time I looked---the hackerlab crew is definitely busy doing other things these days (wink wink)

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  1. Awesome as usual. Hmm, arsehole? I think I would have said a whole ass, but that's just me! Not that I, in a private group, away from the main forum, would ever use any bad language. Ever. I just call 'em as I see 'em.
    Best of Luck Z Land. Any shops left have my blessing...................