Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ah The Good Ole Days...Remembering Annette and the Mouseketeers...

" M-I-C.....see ya real soon
K-E-Y....Why? Because we like you
M-O-U-S-E"...........Does anyone out there remember singing along to that tune? 
I was born in the 60's....and back then I honestly think that ..the 50's were already being referred to as "The Good Ole Days"......I remember watching the original "Mickey Mouse Club" on a black and white television that had about 3 channels I think.   And Annette Funicello was one of my favorite people on television.  She had such a warm smile and was just so gosh darn cute.   Later on I remember watching the "Beach Party " movies with her and Frankie Avalon.   I have a lot of fond memories of Miss Anette...yes indeedy I do :)

So a few years ago a man walks into the store that I manage and ended up purchasing some furniture and he has on this big ole "Mickey Mouse" watch.....turns out that he is Annette's hubby and he was buying the furniture for their ranch in Shafter, Ca.  And he told me "She's outside...why don't you go and say hi?"   So I knew that Annette has been battling multiple sclerosis for many years....but when I walked outside and the window rolled down....she still had that amazing aura of beauty and that twinkle in her eyes.  I told her something like "I just want to thank you for all of the wonderful memories!"  And I tell ya...they were so nice and down to earth and I was grinning from ear to ear that day,

Then a few months ago,  her hubby Glen came back and purchased a few more items and he was surprised that I recognized him and he told me that I sure had a good memory and I was all "Are you kidding? I adore Miss could I not remember you? LOL!"

So my nephew was there at the time and I was telling him "Annette Funicello is outside in that vehicle! " And he of course has no clue who I am talking about....I'm throwing out hints...."The Mouseketeers....Beach Blanket Bingo....Elvis Presley.....the good ole days...etc etc."  And of course he has to end up googling her to find out who I was talking about :)   While he is googling a delivery person shows up who is a bit older than my nephew...and when he walks in the door I was saying "Help me out here!  Do you remember The Mouseketeers ?"  And nope he wasn't any help....he says "I grew up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers"   :)
Ahhhh..the Good Ole Days........these young bucks simply have no idea what they missed out on LOL!

I'm gonna add a little pic of a night stand that I had decoupaged several years ago with some Americana, Good Ole Days...stuff.   I still have the night stand....and guess what?   Right at the top is beautiful Annette Funicello  :).....I simply love older stuff and have it stuck and displayed on just about everything I can think of .............C-Ya Real Soon! ..............................................

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