Friday, April 20, 2012

Confessions from the thoughts about Wishy Washy backfire LOL excuses

"He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. "
Benjamin Franklin
Gotta hand it to my boy Ben.....he is dead on with this one LOL!
Some people go back and try to justify and re-invent what they did.....
others just admit the wrong-doing.....
Myself...I go by what grams taught me...
"Screw me once shame on you...screw me twice...shame on me"
People who leave others behind and talk behind their back then end up talking behind the back of the one they left the other one for???? hmnnnn......that is some seriously shady chit there LOL :)
BUT of course..
age brings experience and those who are older than us
have a lot more experience on how to make more excuses
and re-invent the moment HEE-HEE....
And of course the truth is still there
and they know it.......
but they somehow let themselves get
slim shady sideways once again
and again
get lost in re-creating the moment...
I just wish they would embrace..the
all that they leave behind and later
go back to and talk behind their backs 
when they leave them
but forget about that when they are back
is there really any excuse for "backstabbing"  anyone? Site ...person...venue?
Maybe the free spirited ones are okay with
flitting about here and there and
forgetting about what they said and did
only "embracing" where they are at the moment?
I just have never been like that....
and would take up too much of my spare
time to keep 
"RE-CREATING" myself LOL!.
And yes anyone can be forgiven and 
re-embraced by anyone....
but they should be careful.....
not to repeat the same mistakes
and lies..............
And I confess....
I myself sleep so well at night that I often
wake myself up from snoring so loudly
I feel sorry for thems that are sooo gosh durn wishy washy hee-hee!

"I solemnly pledge...I will keep living life on  the edge! hee-heee"

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