Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Props to my brotha Darrell Hood (the old man hee-hee) for Winning the IMCA California Sport Mods DEBUT! big bro never reads my blog....but I still have to give him some space here and HOLLAH "WAY TO GO DUDE !"...for being the first-ever winner of the Northern sport mod IMCA feature in California.
First of all....he took off to Wisconsin by himself to pick up the car several weeks ago when all of the bad weather snow storms, tornadoes ,etc was happening and he was not in a four wheel drive vehicle even tho he owns one! He was bound and determined to make the first points race and the only way he could do this was to pick up the car himself as it could not be shipped to CALI in time for the race.
And my 53 yr old bro ended up spanking some young whippersnappers in the inaugural race in California.  I am very proud of him...first for his determination to go and pick up the car...and secondly for driving a great race and WINNING! 
I am going to add a scan of the recent feature article they did about him in the IMCA Racing NEWS magazine (and they also mention that he is the father of "IMCA hotshoe Larry Hood")...A fantastic article and shout-out to father and son!
Way to go old man....Spanky Luvs Ya and is soooo proud of ya (But ya knew that alright already okay hee-hee) .
We are all getting older and aging.....but it's pretty cool when we can prove every now and then that experience is the thing that will get you across the finish line ahead of the rest of the pack :)!

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