Friday, April 13, 2012

Hooray! I just purchased the bracelet from the winner of the Shop Showdown: Royal Pixie Style April is Zibbet Month on

Gosh I have to say that with all of the votes Andrea received on this beautiful bracelet...I consider myself lucky to have nabbed it :)  The "Shop Showdown: Royal Pixie Style" is one of the great features currently happening on DIY.Com April is Zibbet Month. On this particular contest both of the bracelets were lovely, and Andrea has such beautiful items and great prices in her shop to me it is easy to see how she received 94% of the vote :) Her Zibbet shop

is simply fabulous and she also has another shop

Congratulations =D> once again Andrea for being featured and for winning  the shop show-down!  I can't wait to receive the bracelet!

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  1. I have this beautiful bracelet on today and have already received 2 compliments :) This bracelet is amazingly even more beautiful than the pics depicted! I couldn't be more pleased!