Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kudos to Etsy For The reseller Crackdown

I have to say that I am quite pleased with Etsy for stepping up to the plate and making some added attempts to crack down on all of the reseller items on the site. of the tales in the article from an Etsy seller who is not a reseller does tell us that they have not yet perfected their method of operation in the "crackdown"....but it now seems evident that they will be doing more to prevent the blatant misuse of  the"hand made" description.....
 I have said it before and I'll say it again.... If they truly want to keep profiting from all of the listings and sales (that these sellers bring in)..they could easily make them simply list the items in "supplies" instead of "handmade".
I would have no problem seeing an item like this in the "supply" category....instead of in the "handmade" section where I found it on the first page of "pocket watch" search today


From another seller.........
And this one from a new seller ........

Of course I could go on and on.....this is just one small "Area" where there are tons of reseller items being listed in the "hand made" category.
I realize that many of these shops simply keep re-opening under different names as well....but it does seem like Etsy is finally stepping up their policing program to help prevent some of this from happening:)
Kudos.....this is going to be one tough still amazes me how many of these "not even remotely hand made items" have shown up in the front page treasuries :(  but the article in the WSJ makes it seem like they are finally putting more effort into keeping "hand made" real.
Updated 4-22-12
Holy caaaarp!   HK @ Regretsy has outdone herself with this one :)

Wow! Just wow! The featured seller is a re-seller! OMG

It seems the reseller police indeed are in need of a bit more training :(

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