Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Confessions From The Edge...My thoughts about A certain button pusher situation

I have to admit that it has been extremely hurtful over and over again when someone who admits that she loves pushing buttons..just keeps posting and posting and won't quit stirring the pot.  She started this whole thing with her very mean and hurtful blog post.....(after I became a featured Zibbeter). (And I have told several people since then that I honestly  wish I had never even been the featured seller because it would have never prompted her to post that jealous (or whatever it was) tirade and rage about me and her assumptions and speculations about me ) .......I had no idea this bischhhhh had any problems with me and she didn't even know me but she really sounded  like she had smoke coming out of her ears when she was talking about me and then she ranted and raved about Zibbet and about how she wouldn't give a site one red cent of her money yada yada...she was badmouthing me and also badmouthing the Zibbet administrators because they didn't handle the "situation" the way she wanted them to.....and why didn't they?  Hello! Maybe she might wake up and realize one of these days that There wasn't a situation!!!!....she was just trying to create one for some unknown reason (I guess I could post that original rant of hers here that she has of course since deleted  but she just might own the copyright on it a-ha :(   )..but if this ever gets to court---the truth will in fact show that she was indeed the original instigator (for reasons unknown to me) of this entire situation.....So I have to admit I was mad that this total stranger PUBLICLY  made such false assumptions about me...but I was also mad as HELL! that she was ragging on the Zibbet Admins in her post.....At that point I was seriously asking myself "Just who does she think she is that she thinks she can tell everyone how to run everything?" ...Yes I was indeed thinking things like "Open up your own venue bischhh and then you can run everything the way you think the Zibbet admins should be doing! " So then I replied to the post she originally made about me .... AND then....it became a she said I said she said I said...and on and on situation.....she always seems to conveniently forget that I am simply replying to what she has said or inferred about me (And the funny thing is..she makes attempts to get me kicked off or out of places and THEN gets really mad when it doesn't happen and then she posts more chit about me because she wasn't able to get me 86'd for something I obviously didn't do)....I of course copy all of it..everything I know she has said and also my replies that I have made on every sight that I post on and yes I admit that just like she herself has deleted many things....I also have deleted but saved all of the replies I have made about her that have actually been  made after her posts about me.....one weird thing tho...she stated in a forum that I removed some posts after she said something about me somewhere...and I have not searched high and low but I never found and no one else ever told me about this "mysterious" posting that she referred to ? :(  Anyhooo....I have said a few times before that I am not going to keep letting her negativity affect me any more ...and then she goes and says something else (pushes those buttons) and of course I end up saying something back about what she has said. And it's not like we were ever friends, or have any friends in common that I know of.  And I just am at the point where I am tired of letting her push those buttons and waste any more of my time.  She can say all she wants and pretend she is some sort a victim in her own little circle....because there are indeed 2 sides to every story and people in my world have seen the stuff that she has posted about me  :(....And there is indeed such a thing known as a timeline......which in fact show that my replies are to her statements that were made 1st :)And the website tracker will also show that someone from her town has definitely been on my site (the last I looked at the records) more than I have been on hers...imagine that LOL!.......And I have to admit for example that after she made a certain rant about how I don't act my age and ranting about my use of emoticons (That I never had on my blog) I definitely downloaded them after that because I knew that for some "hidden" reason...the emoticons that I previously didn't have were somehow pissing her off before I even had them....LOL but sad..that I put something on there just to piss her off because she said I had them...and the timeline will again prove this :(....So I guess she has indeed proved that she is a much better button pusher than I am... and I guess I am going to have to say that she won that one...I won't be a sore loser tho.......hee-hee.....and I am just gonna say again that it is still extremely hurtful when someone starts a situation and keeps stirring the pot and pushing buttons and laughs about it.....and then claims to be some sort of victim and keeps trying to twist the story around when things don't quite go the way she wants them to. )...but the fact that I am a button addict....might be what kept me noticing and replying to what this button pusher kept doing to me :(

I solemnly pledge to keep living life on the edge  :)  !!!

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