Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Recycled Tampon Cozy

I don't know if any of you out there experience this......but I often find myself showing my newest creations to my hubby.  I ask "Do you like this?" Or "What do you think?" And I'm not even sure why I ever ask for his opinion on my creations because he always tells me something like "That's nice".
So today I decided to play a little joke on him... and I made this "Tampon cozy" when he was out mowing the lawn.   Then I take it outside and go tell him "Hey babe I  wanted to show you what I just's a tampon you like it?"  So he looks at it and I tell him that I added the cross so that all of my tampons will be blessed and that instead of M&M's I could put Midol or something in the dispenser and I'm trying to decide where I am going to sit it because I don't want to hide it inside of a cabinet...that Tampons can be a very artful thing if you look at them just right.
Poor guy! LOL!  But this time he didn't tell me "That's nice." He shook his head and said something about me being one in a million.  So I have M&M cozy dude sitting on the sink in the bathroom.....I'm gonna leave him there for awhile just for giggles :) And Alibaba be forewarned....I own the copyright on this....don't go trying to mass produce my baby....LOL!

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