Wednesday, February 19, 2014

About that #Zibbet cached Cheerleader post I alluded to earlier... that they thought was erased and vanished from the forums

Okay so we pretty much know that "cached" posts are only gonna show the first page or so of the discussion...but after I made a previous post about how my Zibbet vibe died after I found out Andrew was behind the scenes high 5-ing people who attempted to bury it and then when it didn't get buried he stepped in and closed it because he said it was to prevent something that he obviously has since been proven to have been behind the scenes as stirring the "us vs them" up ....
well Lordy Lordy we all know that by the Zibbet Ceo's going back and erasing all of the posts that they think no one should see now?....
They are wasting their time...........
I easily googled "Zibbet Cheerleaders" and my cached post still shows up
one note is that on the Zibbet forums....posters can come in later and have the ability to remove their posts from that discussion... it often makes it seem odd that people are answering someone who has removed their post.....
lesson learned and shared here and anyone still posting on those forums
if replying to someone else....
copy and paste what they said when you reply to it....
whether or not threaded/unthreaded :)
note to CEO's at Zibbet...... you can not erase what has already been discussed there....
and you shouldn't  waste your time trying
JMO :=)

Cheerleaders come in many shapes and forms and I am happy to name a few of my faves :)

So when you consider that Zibbet now has over 8,000 sellers (Whoo Hooo HOLLAH!)
Now that we have entered a new year 2014... I am kind of reminiscing about some of my fave Zibbet icons ... (in my Zibbet book of luv) LOL!
Vicki.... who has always been there to answer in a timely manner and post so many helpful topics on the Zibbet blog...
Judy @ Portable Graffiti Graphics / Zibbet Forum moderator and I have always enjoyed reading her Fantastic 5 Blog posts
Barb from All about the Buttons who has posted the most popular running forum post ever Ak.a."Promote your new listings"-- and still in my opinion the best thread for Zibbet newbies to look for and land and find an awesome welcome from fellow sellers here :)
Claranne Knittel.... the 1st one who welcomed me when I first entered the community....
Norma and Becky from the Zbox team who have bent over backwards to promote this venue...
and lately I would have to say that Robin AOT is one of my new fave Zibbet icons....
I saw how she relentlessly promoted Zibbet on the E venue and busted her arse trying to get new peeps over here to list.  I also smiled quite often at her and peeps like Paper Cherries for speaking their own mind in an always kind and courteous manner when their opinions went against the popular grain of those posting at the moment.
But as we enter 2014 in a hopefully new better bigger step for the Zibbet venue.... I do always keep in mind that even with over 8,000 sellers here......there really have never been a lot of members in the community here who are reading the posts be they "rah rah let's get listing" or "OMG I am not selling anything yet" kind of things.....
(I do not believe that I have ever signed on into this community and have found more than 60 members in the forums at one time here)..... so when I think of all of the new listings and new sellers.... I know that they most likely generated to the Zibbet site from outside of this forum.
And the real thanks I would think...we should all thank those who bring them here to list their items... even if the huge majority of sellers are obviously not in these forums and will never read anything posted here :=)
And I thank people like Robin and Judy.... Miss Judy  was the original one who kept posting about Zibbet on Twitter who made me find this place.... and I also thank the awesome people who originally made me feel like this was the place to stick around and give the venue a chance.
Cheerleaders do indeed come in many shapes and forms....
and my chit chat post is hoping that those who read this will take the time to thank those who gave them inspiration to find this venue or to simply stick around and to not leave just yet.


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Oh, thank you, Spanky! 
I'm too dumb for my smart phone.  :(
I'd also like to thank the Zibbet Admin - they come to the forum to cheer us on and often share good news about the upcoming rebuild!  Not often you see CEO's and co-founders be as active as this. Thank you!
Why thank you LindaC :)
Thanks so much!
Thank you Linda.
Thank you to all who help promote Zibbet! I see the same people you are talking about really working to promote! The ZBox team does a great job!
Thanks for the shout out, Spanky! Hugs! ♥
If you read the guidelines that Andrew updated (top of the community page), they are very lenient in this aspect. Their guidelines are very clear and you'd have to be very disruptive where it impacts sellers and buyers to get muted. They are not as strict as in other places. :)
Debbie ~ The folks here are given ample opportunity to voice their opinions in ways that follow the guidelines.  If they do not follow the guidelines, it is clearly stated in section 4 what the consequences may possibly be. 


  1. And for this Zibbet owner Andrew Gray characterized you as a TROLL?

    1. Well...he was probably so busy patting that mean girl on the head and working on the rebuild that he didn't have time to figure out who the real trolls were :)