Friday, February 21, 2014

#Zibbet and about the disgruntled sellers being blamed for the falling #'s in listings and new sellers not buying those premium offers

So I saw this little link where someone made this statement in the Zibbet community....

"The constant barrage of attacks on Z from Twitter and on disgruntled sellers' blogs is not helping, either, because some people believe everything they see and they might not even be willing to give Zibbet a try based upon the negative publicity they're seeing."

And I am thinking "Hmnnn...disgruntled sellers? 
 I guess I resemble that remark....
after all didn't most of the Zibbet sellers find the Zibbet venue because they became disgruntled on the venue where they were at?  If they were happy on the venue they were on before they decided to check out the Zibbet venue I really don't think many of them would have ever landed at Zibbet in the first place.  So I would say most of the people @ Z carry those disgruntled tendencies  and actually got there @ Zibbet looking for a better place because they were and are disgruntled.

Then they get to Zibbet and because of whatever wave of disgruntled-ness ...i.e. --- (the most current problem on another selling venue) -----
It has often been encouraged at Zibbet for sellers to go on the blogs and articles and links and make comments positive about Zibbet and to tell why disgruntled sellers left the other venue and are happy with finding Zibbet now.

Fact is that Zibbet has thrived and grown upon the disgruntled feelings of sellers who left one venue in search of another one that hopefully better represents their values.  And they were always perfectly happy to have sellers talking about the other venues and encouraged the behavior.  They don't quite know what to do now that the tables have turned..and bad things about Zibbet the CEOs C3 yada yada are showing up in those Google searches.

And now?  To hear some of them blaming Zibbet's downfall on some disgruntled sellers is pretty amusing.
Looks like so many of those disgruntled sellers found Zibbet and then headed back to the venue that they left because once they found out what was really going on behind the scenes.....
turns out they were less disgruntled with the venue they thought they were going to leave behind.
Oh yes...
Zibbet ended up making them even more disgruntled than they already were when they 1st found Zibbet.
Kind of like a case of the lesser of 2 Evils.... (some might say).
Common sense would lead them back to the venues where they are actually selling things.
And most would agree it was because Zibbet did not live up to the promises they made.
And when they were called out on not doing some of the things that they advertised and made promises about.... they only admitted them after they got called-out.
And then there were of course the other HUSH-HUSH things.  Those behind the scenes sneaky Community things that were brought out into the open.

Disgruntled and left?  Nope I'd say most of those sellers were already disgruntled upon their arrival @Zibbet.  

And now a lot of them are irked offended fed-up desenchanted malcontented sadder and wiser pissed off and peevish.

And they are gonna talk about it and deal with it in their own way until they are ready to move on.

But these sellers are not the ones attributing to Zibbets downfall.  The Ceo's at Zibbet did that all on their own.
Bottom line...the disenchanted ones had nothing at all to do with it other than getting themselves caught up in a time suck because they once believed in the integrity of the venue... and no spin is ever gonna change the truth on that one.

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  1. And now a lot of them are irked offended fed-up desenchanted malcontented sadder and wiser pissed off and peevish.
    May I add--muted, insulted, ridiculed, blocked, and bullied.
    Right now, Etsy IS the lesser of two evils.

    1. your added adjectives Mary.... are duly noted :)

  2. Yes, we are pissed off about how we were treated by the owners. But, disgruntled sellers are not going to be the fall of Zibbet. The owners are doing a fine job of killing the venue themselves.

    1. Quite apparently..the owners seem to have exhibited some thriving skills and a Nick knack paddy whack perfection at that sadly sort of killing thing ..
      haven't they?


    You know, I stood up for most of you when people accused you of being Negative Nancies in the forums. I said I didn't see you as being negative, just realistic. That you weren't out to intentionally hurt or destroy Zibbet. I can see now by all this ranting and raving that I was completely wrong. Many of you seem to get off on creating and prolonging drama. Not all of us when we joined Zibbet completely left Etsy and not all of us badmouthed it. We may have calmly stated that soon Etsy would not be seen as the place to buy artisan handmade goods because of their new policies, but we never raked Etsy across the coals the way you people are doing to Zibbet. Even one seller who got her shop shut down completely ridiculous reasons doesn't say anything bad about Etsy, ever.

    I have a shop on Zibbet. I have a shop on Etsy. There are things I like and dislike about both platforms. Perhaps many of you need to start making your business decisions with your heads instead of your emotions, stop worrying about what others are doing and concentrate on your own shops. A venue doesn't make or break a business unless you let it.

    The truth of the matter is that just because you are capable of making something lovely and salable doesn't mean that you have the brains or skills to run a thriving business.

    I think it's beyond time that people evaluate their own actions and behavior and to take some personal culpability for what has happened. Rarely does fault lie solely on one side of the fence.

    1. Hi Katie.... I agree that rarely does fault lie solely on one side of the fence but some in this case do not see that they are doing or have ever done anything wrong and seem to constantly try and "blame" everyone else for certain downfalls.

      and with your statement of
      "Perhaps many of you need to start making your business decisions with your heads instead of your emotions, stop worrying about what others are doing and concentrate on your own shops."
      Are you concentrating on your own shop here by seeking out my blog to come and comment or are you worried about what you seem to think I may or may not be doing?
      And the thing that I find quite odd is that many in those forums (at least when I was still a member there LOL!) were offering all of this advice about how to run a "thriving" business.... yet they surprisingly didn't seem to be selling much on line themselves. It's super nice to offer advice.... and yet..some would perhaps better spend their time by putting their brains to work and figure out how to be more profitable with the time they are putting into certain venues.... I just noticed that you have sold 4 items at Zibbet and 30 something at Etsy....Do you feel that your on-line business is thriving ?
      I believe that most of the successful sellers seem to be way too busy than to be hanging out in the forums from what I have seen anyways :)
      Also someone copied and pasted the statement I used in the post above from the Z forums..... are you the one who made the statement about disgruntled sellers and is that why you pasted that blog link in your reply?
      And as far as I see one is prolonging drama...but simply telling others of their experiences. I'm sorry that you seem to feel what appears to be overly emotional when you make statements about "those" trying to quote "destroy Zibbet"....that seems to be quite a super duper dramatic conclusion on your behalf.... in my opinion at least.
      best wishes on your future sales :)

    2. For one thing, I did not "seek out your blog" but saw it tweeted when looking for things to RT and wondered what BS you had to say this time.

      It's one thing to say "I didn't have a good experience at Zibbet and it wasn't the right venue for me." It's an entirely different animal to associate the site with fraud and scams. The issue with The Find and Google Shopping isn't fraud. It would be fraud if they said "Pay $59 for your shop and for an additional $20 we'll submit your listings onto The Find." It would be a scam if they said, "for $79 a year we'll list your items on The Find and as an added bonus, you can put your items in our shops for free." That did not happen.

      Trying to associate the site with scamming and fraud IS, in fact, trying to destroy it. What else could you call it? What other motivations would there be behind it? You're certainly not going to get a refund by doing so, because if Zibbet did, it would be tantamount to admitting to it and would be an unwise and risky business move.

      My business is brand new. It is a commonly accepted truth than most new businesses do not turn a profit for at least the first two years, and sometimes even the first five. There are so many start up costs that you need to defray in the first years of a business - tools, equipment, supplies, etc. You have to advertise, you have to make yourself known. It's VERY uncommon to hit the ground running.

      That being said, as of December 31st, between Etsy, Zibbet and shows (yes, I do shows, you didn't know that, did you?) I brought in almost as much money as my initial investment in my business. Thriving? Well, it's not paying any bills yet, nor am I earning a salary, but for something I do part time, that is very, very good.

      One thing I bring to the table that many crafters and makers do not have is business experience. I was the manager for a profitable online retail business (and we weren't profitable because we trashed our venue or our competitors, or had the lowest prices; we were profitable because we provided stellar customer service, which I provided) for almost a decade and I have combination business and technology degree. So while my sales may seem "slow" (remember, I sell jewelry, one of the most saturated handmade markets, so I've done well to break in as well as I have), you and others might do well to heed my advice.

    3. Say aren't you on that Team Zibbet Katie?.... (you know that team that thought it was so professional to call out other sellers by name while representing Zibbet?) Oh that's right...that team :)
      And don't for a second think you are the only one at Zibbet or Etsy who has and does manage something profitable in their day job or former job.....there are a lot of us out here....yep..get over it.... you are not the only one hun:)
      Also I can re-tweet whatever I want to....I can't imagine how the forum police have morphed into the Twitter police and so on and so forth.. some of ya'll are like.a dog with a bone you just don't give up...and can't stand it when other opinions are being noticed.
      and and as far as HEEDING to your advice.....nope I'm gonna Pasadena on that can take your heeding obsessions over to your little group that is pretty good at heeding and herding in my opinion. Spend your time wisely among the group that knows all about heeding darlin'...just my advice from a little ole country bumpklin'

    4. also Miss Katie.....
      In your 1st sentence in your reply above you stated
      "For one thing, I did not "seek out your blog" but saw it tweeted when looking for things to RT and wondered what BS you had to say this time."
      well here's a clue.....anyone with half a brain could clearly see by your own admission of you wondering what I had to say THIS time....duh? You HAVE been seeking out my blog...and clearly I don't care about your opinions and you don't care about mine so why keep coming here when you could perhaps be so much more productive elsewhere?
      Most would think that you are the one full of BS when you can't even keep a story straight in one sentence :=)

  4. Oh and I forgot to say to Katie that your first line of "You know I stood up for you people"....... there you go again with the us vs. them carp.
    Clearly the "you people" was propagandized as any one who asked the wrong questions there. And here you are still creating divisions in a Community that has already seen enough of that now hasn't it?

    1. By "you people" I meant the ones who are now banned and spewing this rhetoric. Please educate me so that I can know the proper phrasing for the future, since this is apparently incorrect.

  5. "YOU PEOPLE" is used like it was a disease. I don't recall any of 'those' people standing up for the constructive criticism. Maybe I missed it while I was being monitored in my private group by A and J or maybe it was written and then magically disappeared. I also recall that 'we' were regarded as invaders into 'their' domain. Since when does a business deal in sides? Do we need cheerleaders to do business? Have the 'right' attitude to get a sale? Have to kiss ass to get noticed? Re-work our tags and description until we are blue in the face only to find out that not one web site even cares enough to 'crawl' out shops? As an experiment, do the Google tool 'your presence on the web'. See how many times your Z shop comes up compared to any other mentions. It may just shock the Hell out of you.
    Sorry Rhonda, I ranted on your dime. My apologies...........

    1. I'm certainly not one of the people who saw the E sellers as an "invader" - I only came to Zibbet in October myself, and have only been on E since October.

      I didn't find a Google "your presence on the web" tool, but when you're a small web presence, you're going to BE a small web presence!

      Zibbet shops are crawled. You can find out by typing in to see exactly which pages have been crawled. New listings are crawled much, much faster than E listings are.

      My Zibbet shop has 111 items and my E has 69. When I use the above method, I get 184 results for my Z shop ( and NINE for my E shop ( - and a couple of those are for links that don't even EXIST anymore, and one for my SOLD items - that's helpful). So you tell ME where I'm going to get found on a Google search?

    2. Oh sweet Mary..... You is definitely my kind of people :=) sheeples of the have landed!

  6. Katie,

    You said above:
    "My Zibbet shop has 111 items and my E has 69. When I use the above method, I get 184 results for my Z shop ( and NINE for my E shop ( - and a couple of those are for links that don't even EXIST anymore, and one for my SOLD items - that's helpful)."

    Perhaps you ought to be running organic Google searches of your inactive/deleted/sold Etsy items and then reporting Etsy's sneaky redirects to Google. On many occasions (until I decided to stop posting in the Zibbet Forum), I recommended that Etsy/Zibbet sellers file webspam reports with Google. Perhaps you didn't see any of my posts on that subject.

    You also said above:
    " and others might do well to heed my advice."

    I had my items on Zibbet for only 3 months (late October to late January). I have/had 72 sales there (actually, closer to 80). The last time I checked, there were over 1 mil search results on Google for "dupioni silk fabric" (which I sell). I should heed the advice of someone who has 4 sales on Zibbet? Nah, don't think so.


  7. Katie,
    Sorry, it's called Me on The Web, one of Google's Data tools. Here is a link:
    If you type in the exact web site of your shop, of course it will show up. That's like taking a picture of your self, putting it in a frame, and saying "See, isn't that me?".
    Or , if I searched for "Three green and black small round beads on a long silver wire with two metal clasps", damn, I found the item. But if I searched for green and black beads, it would be buried 6 million pages deep.
    By using the web tool, my Z shop had three hits, THREE, and two of those were forum links from the hub that I was kicked out of. Now my E shop had Three pages of links, all items from my shop. There was even a link to an online magazine that had one of my items I didn't even know about. So if it's three listings vs three pages, I'll take the three pages. BTW, there were over 5000 hits, but after the first three pages, it no longer was relevant to my shop.
    And I agree with Nancy, you have had 4 sales, so you really don't know what you are talking about.