Friday, February 7, 2014

Could the site techs possibly be photoshopped @ Zibbet ?

Here's the thing about questions.....
most wouldn't be asked if the answers were already provided.
 This picture is one from a photoshop tutorial....
it is a talking apple.... but of course apples don't talk do they ?...
and yet because we see a talking apple here are we to assume that talking apples do exist?   
Some might think that way but most people tend to think outside of the box and will ask questions every now and then.

A question was asked regarding the Zibbet rebuild and asking where the site techs are that were said awhile back to have been hired and have as of yet been quite ghost like on the venue.
Now they could just be so gosh darn busy feverishly working on that rebuild that they haven't had time to introduce themselves.

But for people who so blindly might say "Oh we saw a picture of them and that means they exist" 
Well here's a clue....
I could go to the bus station and take a picture of a random couple riding on the bus and tell ya'll that they are the King and Queen of Sheba.....
but simply by my telling you that that is who they are does not make them talking apples.

More questions tend to get asked when more weird things keep popping up out of nowhere...and those are indeed things that simply can not be erased.

#talkingapples #photshopconspiracy

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