Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Day the Zibbet Vibe really died for me when I saw those screen shots of what Andrew was up to behind the scenes

Yes....more and more it seems like the truth hurts the more you try to find it @ Zibbet

ya'll out there who have followed my posts since day one...
you know that I always showed nothing but love for the Zibbet venue.....
I post when I post not in hopes of bringing any fellow on line sellers out there down....
but in hopes of helping and offering my own experiences and thoughts....
and these are simply thoughts 
(my own thoughts)
I do not represent anyone here but myself.
Let's just say that I don't drink a lot of Koolaide
but at the same time let's just say that I do try to find the good in all people and I often try to make excuses for why people might have done something wrong.

When I used to look back at the mistakes I thought were happening at Zibbet....I was pretty defensive.
This was such a nice group of people who were trying their best and maybe made mistakes because they had not enough experience or were simply way too nice.
And that was my take on the thing and merrily went along promoting and defending the venue and spent way too much time listing more and more items there.

Flash forward to the day the Zibbet Vibe really and truly died (for me at least).  The day when I ran out of excuses for why they were making what I thought were so many mistakes.

I had started this thread about how Cheerleaders come in many shapes and forms.  And I started the thread because I already had some very good knowledge about how some of the "cheerleaders" in the forums  at the time I wrote the post...were for some unknown reason being given a "pass" and were carrying on some very questionable behind the scenes activity and also sometimes reared their ugly heads in the forums and kept getting away with it.
Well like I said ^^^I knew for a fact that they were behind the scenes doing some very nasty things.  They were in my opinion in no way shape or form promoting the business that I had put a lot of time and hopes in thinking I had a chance for my Zibbet business to thrive in.  I had done all of that work and given them my $200 in that life time premium offer because I had faith that the venue was going to be a place where I could thrive and that my business would someday grow because I believed in the integrity of the founders and CEO's of the venue.
And at the time I still felt that the CEO's on the venue cared and had values and the integrity that I felt comfortable with.  I didn't care about their religious views or what they were doing off of the site.... that was none of my business as far as I was concerned.
Then it became very clear that they somehow were concerned with what others were doing off of the venue and made statements about it  at the same time that we were asked to overlook what their personal views and beliefs were (yes we have  have screen shots and saved their statements both of what they felt and what they said about watching what others were doing and how what others were doing elsewhere would not go unnoticed).....
All of this from a venue who preys upon getting members from those having discontent and sharing it and finding Zibbet because they have discontent and do not feel comfortable where they are at.
Totally seems now like a bunch of Hypocrites Crap....they thrive on others finding them because the ones who find them are not happy with the venue they are on
and yet the minute you dare to ask a question in the forum...
you'll get the reply...
"If you don't like it leave"
how does that make any sense at all that they actually mostly have new people there who didn't like another venue and that is why they are seeking out a "home" where they can feel comfortable at when they go to Zibbet?????
Yep.....that is how most on zibbet have found the venue (they didn't like the venue they were on and that is where they heard about Zibbet)
forgive my language 
but Zibbet from what I have seen sure as Hell does not advertise the venue LOL!
but anyone who finds the forums and dares to question anything that might be considered not "positive" @  Zibbet can leave... we don't want you (but yep you might have found us in the 1st place)  because you didn't quite feel at home where you were at but just get the Heck OUT OF HERE HOW DARE you try to offer an opinion that we don't take a liking to????????????
yep that is the message in Zibbetville right now---
and the real travesty in my opinion and now why Zibbet has lost a ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ that would have come in and never will and that means a lot of sellers are not going to benefit from that lost $$$$$$$$$$$$ that has been blown.
Okay... so I also got a message from someone who bailed from that retreat group where they told of some behind the scenes stuff where Andrew was complimenting some of them for burying the Cheerleader thread that I had started? Why?  Well I figured out it was because I thanked Robin @ Anyoldtime for working so hard to bring so many sellers to the venue. 
Yep they had thrown her under the bus and I stepped up to the plate in a kind of WTH? are you doing here where you think it is okay to ignore the ones who have really brought sellers and listings to this venue???? I was dumbfounded that they just tossed her aside without a thank you or anything. And honestly could not believe what I was seeing unfolding .
 And then guess what?  When Andrew behind the scenes and his POzzY Posse weren't successful in burying that thread and it was getting a ton of views..well gosh what happened NEXT? ... Oh that's right....Andrew stepped in and closed the thread and said he did it to "prevent" us vs. them that might "possibly" happen.
OKAY SO THIS IS MY VIBE DIED MOMENT....Andrew steps up and says he is
something from potentially happening...but all along and up until this moment truth of the matter is that he was
...yes dear readers....
in my opinion
and screen shots back up opinions
was in FACT
not trying to prevent anything at all.
and thank the LORD many others out there now have noted that as well...(even some of his what many in cyberspace have deemed his "handmaidens" ...yah some of them have left him since they saw the light so to speak)
Back to the story
 All the time that thread was up I saw the proof that Andrew was conspiring behind the scenes to in fact "PROMOTE" the us Vs. them and when they didn't get the thread buried....he simply closed it.
That was the day the Zibbet vibe died for me....the day I stopped believing that all of the time I spent there was a good thing.
Was I angry he had closed the thread?  No... I was actually sad that he closed the thread.
I had a lot of friends on that venue all over the place.  And when I saw some of them still left in that "retreat" hidey hole deal.... I seriously had a bit of throw up in my mouth that I had to swallow.
Do I have a "hidden" agenda to bring down Andrew and the Zibbet venue?  Nope I still have friends on that venue thinking they can make a living there.
But I do know for a fact that Andrew conspired behind the scenes and in fact did have a hidden agenda regarding me and several others.
This I do know.
And guess what Andrew....
we are not simply gonna ride off into the sunset any time soon.
We don't take kindly to threats.
And even though it apparently looks like the Zibbet coffers might be drying up....
The team "waking up and sharing what is really going on over there"
is certainly most certainly going to prevail.
The truth is on their side
and guess what?
the momentum has come and had it you lost it...
you failed...and it ain't coming back no matter how much spin you try to spin and good luck on ever getting another chance at the one you just had and ruined by your own doing not the ones who are supposedly out there trying to bring you did a great job of that on your own...congratulations... not
wink wink
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  1. My sentiments exactly. And for owner Andrew Grey to actually use the word "TROLL" in reference to you is unforgiveable. Not that he has asked forgiveness, I would guess! Here is the screen shot you reference

  2. Yep, I'm also done with them. I have serious doubts if the techs they hired are still employed and I am not holding my breath for a rebuild. I'm moving on.

    1. Tinsel...I always enjoyed your posts in that Community...
      it is now my understanding that those pics of the "techs" are pics of business acquaintances that are also involved in their "other " businesses ....
      if you are done...the Community has lost another +.. JMO