Monday, February 10, 2014

Lordy Lordy say it isn't soooooo Zibbet

Real nice way to be treating your members in those forums....
ya think?
Get your people out of my challenge

Way to go

#Zibbet #handmaidenarmageddon #ooopstheydiditagain!


  1. LOL, I'd think she'd want everyone off that "challenge" thread, being that it is just documenting the sinking listings!!

    The owners saw this and did nothing. There is something troubling going on at Zibbet that I don't understand. It's not about selling to many in the "Secret Society". Is it a groupie thing? Ugh.

  2. I so agree Robin.....
    I heard that the "new" spin is that they were so busy they didn't do anything about it until later.
    But most who have followed this saw the "reply" that she received from the admins.... they simply thought they could Brush Brushy off...
    problem is that Brushy never ever got involved in any type of controversy at Z or in public on line places....
    she was and is always helpful, thoughtful, and more than willing to bend over backwards to help fellow sellers.
    How dare some now try to add more lies to this story that someone else was being "harassed" ... more lies to cover up untruths does not make a situation go away....
    it only gets more and more people noticing how terribly people are treated there when all they have are good intentions.